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Dual Turbo Q45 V8 Swap Completed

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For all following this thread, I now have all key new photos published that owner first sent me on Monday. Some are not the sharpest, but the interior shots are sure to intrigue Z customizers. The owner is certainly up to something beyond merely taking his wife out for a movie.


URL for all project updates and photos is at http://www.zparts.com/showcase/engines/pages/q45v8z-testfit.html


Be aware that link to Yuki Komiya's entire featured project display may change within the next month, but for now the above is the main URL to check.


Glenn, now's the time for you and others to ask your "builder" and Tech questions of Mr. Komiya because I will be forwarding along as many as I can to him within the next couple of days.


Sleek Z

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Haven't had any other reports of viewing problems. there are now 12 photos at bottom of page at http://www.zparts.com/showcase/engines/pages/q45v8z-testfit.html


that you can click on ot see larger ones. I checked the page with another browser on my OSX Mac and all displayed properly, but not on a Win box yet.


Refresh your browser once you load the page in case something in your cache is blocking your view or let me know what OS and browser you are using if you still have problems


write me at photos@zparts.com



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Your question, which also is being asked at other forums where these first photos are being discussed, is now on the list of questions being prepared to be sent to Yuki Komiya. At this point I do not know the answer.


Interesting that you picked up on the unusual Space Odyssey "ambiance" of the room in which Yuki's car is being displayed on special stands with cut outs that say "Rising" Based on spacing of few cars that appear to be in that room, it's utter non car show like set up and some other persons sitting at tables with bare heads displayed with literature and the like, I am leaning toward the possibility that this event may be some kind of SEMA like gathering in Tokyo or showcase for vendors and manufacturers rather than for the public?


Sleek Z

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Hey Sleek Z:

If you could pass along our comments on his creation, if you haven’t already, that would be great.

1. I would like to know what process was used to weld all that pipe. I can’t see one guy sitting for days (weeks) on end with a TIG nozzle in his hand. It must be a machine of sorts.

2. How was the upper intake plenum formed? It has some sexy lines.



Thank you.

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I won't be sending off my questions to Mr. Komiya until mid next week. I'll be happy to include yours. Good ones that are mine as well.


The design of the induction plenums is certainly fascinating to study, isn't it? I like them as well. Also notable is how they the design allowed the builder to close a stock hood over top that big engine.


One small detail about them that I wish had been attended to, might be the grinding down and polishing of the exterior weld beads. I know that may sound like a trivial concern and possibly, not a wise one related to the structural integrity of the welded plenum, but I would have liked to have seen some of the weld bead work cleaned up and blended into the welded units as a cosmetic finishig touch to a very clean looking, show quality engine swap. Lots of extra work that would not improve performance, I understand, but an extra touch that would have really been a crowning touch to the throne the car appears ready to sit on in the future.


btw, Gleen, I think it was your car with the V12 in it at a Canadian car show that I was sent photos of aprox 3-4 years ago. The photographer at the event, his buddies and I all looked for the owner of that car for the longest time to no avail. If your car is the same white S30 car with a Jag V12 and Jag rear suspension setup in it, I'd like to discuss obtaining better photos and specs on your car for my archives. If interested, please contact me at photos@zparts.com



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Read you message and question and sent you a reply Sunday pm


ps, All, ZPARTS.COM appears to be on the fritz today, Sunday. I have a small, but excellent web hosting company for my website that does not have live network admins on dute durng the weekend so I will not be able to alert them of the problem until Monday.


Sorry for any inconvenience to those attempting to view the Q45 engine swap photos today..


Eric Neyerlin - owner of ZPARTS.COM

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Has anyone eles noticed he is using a 300z master cylinder? I thought the only good swap was a 280zx master. Has anyone eles tried this?


I have a z32 master cylinder in my 280zx (mated to the stock brake booster), and it is working just fine.


Don´t know for the 240, but since you can use a s130 master cylinder in the s30, you should be able to use the z32 as well.

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Very slick. Regarding this:

the grinding down and polishing of the exterior weld beads

The other perspective is that the welds themselves are very attractive. It would be possible to smooth everything over, but then those would look just like ordinary bent tubes, rather than the painstakingly created works that they are.


It's all a matter of taste. I saw a Harley once where the guy had created all the fenders, tank, etc. using small sheet sections that were meticulously welded together. The rear fender was over 20 individual pieces. To some of us, I nice fillet weld is a beautiful thing.


The body work on that cars is amazing. The shape of the rear flares is incorporated thru to the doors. the front flares don't even look like flares. You have to view a "normal" S30 side by side to tell the difference.


I whince at the thought of scraping that lovely exhaust system on a speed bump. He really should put in some beefy frame rails - if only to protect those nice pipes.


Interesting that it's a left hand drive car. I wonder if this is meant to go to the states?

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The coloration of the welds is pretty normal for 300 series stainless. Unfortunately the oxidized layer isnt very thick, and comes off with just a few passes from a wire brush. It may even be titanium as well, wich would explain the miter cuts rather than bending due to the difficulty of bending titanium tubing. Any kind of contamination in the weld will result in a rainbow like color after welding.


I really like the treatment of the side windows. Looks like they are moved outwards to be flush with the body. Being totally devoid of chrome is a nice touch too, very clean looking.




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The last few observations and comments have been pretty interesting. I've pasted the chief questions into the questionaire I have been preparing for the owner.


Speaking of what's up with the owner, I have been recieving a daily comment or two from him almost every day. Tonight I just got one that, although a bit cryptic, may intrigue some of you. Read it carefully.


What car do you think he is referring to with the 9.883sec time? Anybody here know of Japanese racing crew campaigning a "RISING LS SUNNY" car? If he is referring to a Nissan "Sunny" model with times like that I can't imagine what engine may be in the car because I was under the impression that a Nissan "Sunny" model was a rather small econobox type of car? Anybody?


"Well, I have been to race in Sendai,

But It's not 450z to race.

450z is not too enough to race.


do you know "RISING LS SUNNY"?

In the day, RISING LS SUNNY has recorded 9.883sec. for the

first time without turbo & NOS in Japan.

450z will maybe test run at June." - Yuki Komiya 4/20/04

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