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  1. Yes ladies and gents I have been informed buy my ISP that they will be dismantling my web page V12Z. http://ca.geocities.com/dotdotdot@rogers.com/ As most of you know the car was sold two years ago and I should move on as it were. The current owner has the car for sale. http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-classic-cars-1971-Datsun-240Z-OBO-or-Trade-W0QQAdIdZ152581389 $9000 CDN is about $ 8200 USD. This car was build from the knowledge obtained from HybirdZ. I would like to thank the Mods and Admins and all of you that have contributed HybridZ. You have provided some entertainment, intelligent insight and helped to make my dream a reality. Cheers to all of you... Still lurking …
  2. Nice find John This one is from R&T from the eighties
  3. I remember those 302’s. High compression and short stroke. They came in the Z28 from the early 70’s as an answer for Trans Am racing. (I might be wrong on my facts.) I will never forget the song from that one. I don’t think a low compression turbo of the same size will emit the same noise as the crackle from a high squeeze engine. Just my thoughts…
  4. The lads and I were talking about this car the other day We assumed it had faded away into another "pipe" dream. You have look like you may have been too busy to post. Very nicely done.
  5. Will wonders ever end? Scott is using power tools and still has enough fingers to type a message! After putting on a belly tray I found the front end stability improve over 130 MPH. There was no more bouncing side to side from one wheel to another. My pan was not nearly as elaborate as this. It should work quite well for you Scott. Cheers; Glenn
  6. I used to believe in all of the above theories and set forth to assemble such a V12. Some of you may have seen it. In all truth and a life time of hot rod learnin … the SB mopar V8 was just plain faster. I think if I were to start all over again, the small block LT1 (or variant) would be the way to go. I would have to say for the record as one who’s been there, the V12 will not produce more power. But open the hood on a V12 and everyone says holy crap!
  7. It’s nice to know something you build has a life long after it is sold. I remember it this way. The Healey I spotted at a show last September and it is one of the nicest swaps I have ever seen. I waited around to talk to the owner but ran out of time. His wife was informative though. The 2+2 Zs were the darlings of the race track as I recall...
  8. Would I do it again? Oh ya. Problem is, that I am over fifty and don’t have the energy it takes for such a commitment. The shop as a life support system? More than likely it was my life support system for my mind and for the hobby. In the twenty three years that I owned the car I went as far as I could intellectually and mechanically with it. Anything above or beyond would have ruined the project. The car was over engineered so as not break. As a result it is a tad overweight at 3000 lbs. But solid and reliable. I find the same thing with the Aston. Something that would be sufficient in America ends up weighing twice in England because an engineer spent too much time looking at it. As a lifelong hobby this definitely the best. What more can I say? Dream then build it!
  9. nope. I sold the car in Sept 07 yup. Looked better in silver I have been getting a few emails on the sale and I no longer own it. I sold most of the life support system for it too...The machine shop. The web site should come down but there is mixed emotions on that. A lot of my life went into that car. I am now eyeing my Aston Martin with bad intent. heh heh
  10. I'm not keen on the colour though. the clicky is...http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-classic-cars-1971-Datsun-240Z-W0QQAdIdZ70195841
  11. Hi Dale; Before I forget the pilot bushing for the back of the jag crank is a standard size. I was going to going to have one made up but the machinist found one in a catalogue that fits. Just ‘mike’ the dimensions off the existing parts and Google. At the risk off hijacking your thread I must say the DB7 is a fine car. The super charged six puts out about 335 HP. But with computer mods, pulley changes and other things then 400 is possible. To be honest I am very happy with the stock configuration. Five speed standard with a 3.5 possy diff. round off the power train. This is the only picture I have right now. After the screaming V12Z with the bone jarring handling, the ride of the Aston is as smooth as glass but what really blows me away is how it sticks to the road. No this car won’t win many challenges, but is this the kind of street ride that should be involved in all that? The DB7 is very much a gentlemen’s sports car and one I will be quite happy to grow old in. Oh ya, there is life after Z. The only thing that pisses me off, is having to spend another twenty years with out a cup holder. Cheers; Glenn
  12. Hey Dale Every one keeps asking what is next. What could follow the speed and agility of a hybrid Z? Nothing as far as I’m concerned. A change of format and a little more refinement is required for these old bones so I opted for an Aston Martin DB7. I pick it up Tuesday. I hope no body minds if I still hang out as this is more of an information and knowledge exchange site than just what the name says it is. There is still a lot for me to learn here.
  13. Great! Isn’t that just about 10 years too late. I had to build one. Dale for the flywheel grab an old chev unit and mill it flat on the back. Bolt it over the Jag flex plate containing the ring gear. The bolt patterns are the same. You will have to make a small centering ring made for it. I gave a prepared one away last month when I sold the V12Z...sorry...
  14. $800! Wow I paid $500 for mine in 1985. Then replaced only what needed replacing...everthing.
  15. Hi Mark; Sorry for the delay The nice thing about the jag build up is the fact that you can pick and chose the parts that work and toss the stuff that doesn’t. If it has lucas written on it …well you know all about the prince of darkness. The only thing that is left on mine with lucas on it is the dizzy cap. I can’t get around it. The fuel injection is passable but after market, home built equipment on this sight is better. The real problem is the ignition system. Replace it with something hi performance. The distributor advance is known for seizing in it’s own grease. Go check yours now. I’ll bet it is stuck. This in turn messes up the rest of the motor. The dropped valve seat in # 6b is the most notable result. It is such a small thing that has given the motor such a bad reputation. Over heating is cured by placing bleed lines on top of the thermostat housing. It will never run hot again. I just laugh at the guys telling me the motor is a dog or unreliable and expensive. I’ve driven mine like I stole it for the past 7 years, knowing full well I have a spare V12 in the garage that cost me a case of beer. The reason for my delayed reply is that I actually drive this car and have little time for farting around defending my choice of drive train. Do the Jag Mark, if for just the sound alone. And the rest of you guys, if you’re in Toronto look me up… we’ll go for a ride. Ps; this guy wrote the book http://www.nettally.com/palmk/jaguar.html
  16. You could get an extra liter with a 30 thou over bore. (If my math is right.) Toyota makes many sizes of pistons and one has to fit. It is doable. I do find the dyno power, although respectable, a little light. Twin turbos on a V6 could produce 500+ HP with relative ease. Or am I looking at KW power? He might be sandbagging for a future race. You have to admit there is some serious eye candy under that hood. What wheels are those?
  17. From personal experience I would have to say a V12 will not produce the biggest bang for the buck. More like this biggest buck to go bang! My vote goes with the twin screw VG30E.
  18. Can I put in a thought? I had issues like this at one point. My fuel lines ran parallel about 8†away from my exhaust. I moved them so they ran just under the door and through the fender well into the engine compartment. This solved my problems. I found I had a difficult time in spring because the gas stations up here were still running winter gas into the hot weather. Take gas with 10% ethanol churn it up with a high pressure pump and add a little heat and the stuff will boil. I could hear my pump oscillating erratically so I had a good idea what was going on.
  19. dot

    Ferrari GTO replica with V12

    Where do I get the poster for my wall?
  20. Ever been zapped by an un-insulated horn button on a first generation Z? Please tell me I’m not the only looser to do this.
  21. These pics are from my web sight. http://ca.geocities.com/dotdotdot@rogers.com/ The final fit looks like this. The mounts look something like the red thing here. The hockey puck is the insulator from the stock Jag. The mount is made from ¼ inch plate. One is bolted to the block. Another is bolted to the insulator mounted on the frame. Just weld gussets between the two with the engine in place in the bay. There is no fire wall interference. There is an issue with the oil cap over the timing chain. It is above the hood height. I used a modified right hand cam cover. This would be a good reference point for you. The timing chain covers ARE the highest allowable point on the engine. Everything must be below this point. Mine rub on the hood at times. The pan is as low as it can go. Slotting the mounts were they bolt on the engine will add some adjustability. Keep in mind this is all set up for a stock Z hood. The GTO hood line might be lower and require a bubble. If you get me a larger side and top view I would be able to tell you more. Your carbs should fit between the towers but the filters might not. Check the clearance with the booster and master cylinder as well. The right hand Thermostat housing wants to exit into the fender well. A new one has to be made to point forward. The rear mount situation is discussed all the time here…just find a design you like. And as always a solution for the exhaust must be found. The rest is standard swap stuff. This should get your motor in. The V12 has its own issues but they are easily overcome. On another post perhaps. My car is up on stands now for an oil change. If you want specific pictures let me know. Everything is crammed pretty tight so the photo angles might be funny. Look up “staledale”. I haven’t heard from him in a while. He was building the same as you only with down draught Webbers. The exhaust note from Ernie's posted Jag will have to compete with the intake note you car will have.
  22. Hey wait a minute...That's me...What do you want to know Duke?
  23. dot

    V12 vs V8

    Hey Josh: This thread continues here. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=111184&highlight=v12
  24. You could swap one in... or would that be uncool.
  25. When someone asks me “What make is that?†I say "A Ferrari Hardly†Then the guy says "Ferrari?†Then my wife rolls her eyes and says “hardlyâ€
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