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Painless harness to Z column harness (headlight combo switch

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Hello old friends. I have not been on in a while because a zillion other things have pulled me away from the Z. I am now in the process of installing a Painless 18 circuit harness. I have done a number of searches, but have found nothing specific to help in connecting to the steering column circuits. I know some of you have done it so I may not be hitting on the right search word(s). I am installing Autometer Ultralight gauges including tach and speedo so what remains for the dash are blinkers/flashers, headlights, high/low beams, heater, wipers and ignition.


Can I get some help from someone who has done this? I may negotiate a trade for my first born if I can avoid having to do this from scratch using the stock wiring diagram.


Maybe I'm gettin impatient, but I really need some help with this. Surely sombody has done this before.

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OK OK, I know I have said it before but this weekend through next week I will consolidate all my notes and produce a COMBO switch diagram for my brutha's. I will scan it in and post it in a new post, maybe it can be a sticky or whatever. I will get to it this week, sorry for procrastinating so long but sheesh, it's HOT outside...

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I've almost completed my wiring, just a couple things left to figure out. Im anxious to see that diagram and compare it to my connections. Finally my wiring woes are coming to an end. :D

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Z Wiring Harness Main Color/Stripe Color ----> Main Color/Stripe Color Painless # Description


Left Signal post White/Black ------------> Lt Blue 949 Left Rear Turn

Left Signal post White/Black ------------> Yellow 926 Left Front Turn

Right Signal post White/Red ------------> Blue 948 Right Rear Turn

Right Signal post White/Red ------------> Green 926 Right Front Turn

Signal Center Post Green ------------> Black 953 Flasher

Head Light Power Red (heavy guage) ------------> Red/Black 925 HL 12v

Head Light Power 2 Green ------------> Orange 959 HL 12v

High Beam post Red/Yellow ------------> Light Green 908 High Beam

Low Beam post Red/White ------------> Tan 909 Low Beam

Dimmer center post White/Red ------------> Blue/Yellow 907 High Low switch

Running Lights switch Green/White ------------> Brown 929 Tail Lights

Running Lights switch Green/White ------------> Brown 927 Front Park Lights

Running Lights switch Green/White ------------> Brown 930 Instrument Lights


I know it's not a diagram but here are all the connections for the light functions of the combo switch. I dont' have my wipers hooked up because I havn't decided if I am going to use them or not yet. I also didn't include the ignition section because I lost my diagram and it was getting too dark to see very well. If you really need it I can reproduce it but Iwas very simple figuring out. Just take a meter and change the key position while trying all post combonations (a helper is good here). Write down what happens in each key positions and your done!.


I hope this helps some of you guys.


To try out your new connections hook your system up to a batt charger and set it on the LOWEST amperage as to not fry anything if your wires may be crossed :). Then turn on your ign and play with all the swtiched ans see where you end up. :D

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Im having some trouble with my ignition. When i turn the key to the ON position the coil starts making a weird buzzing sound. I thought it was my ignition box at first, but after disconnecting the box and hooking up the pink wire to coil + it still makes the noise. This is while using a battery charger to power the system rather than the battery, if that makes any difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Glad to post, just wish I would have done it sooner MIKE


Vince, maybe the charger isn't putting enought juice to the starter? I don't have ANY of that stuff hooked up yet so I don't know for sure but I bet it is that there ins't enough juice getting to it.



SOME ONE ELSE CHIME IN on this as I am NO expert. I just got the colors on these two harnesses hooked up right by some miracle! :)

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The lights are working and today i fired it up for the first time. I got lucky and it started on the first try. I dont think my neighbors appreciate the sound of a 350 with open long tube headers though... :lol:

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If anyone is wondering, heres how i wired my ignition switch. I had asked "TurboMeister" how he wired his a while back and this is the PM he sent me. So far it seems everything is working fine.


"I have the #5002 Pro street 12 circuit harness.

My ignition switch has 5 wires coming out of it. I will describe the wires with the primary color first and the trace color secondly.

#1.) 12 gage-White/red-attaches to 12 gage Red of Painless B+ in power from fuse block.

#2.) 12 gage Black/blue-attaches to 12 gage Painless purple from starter.

#3.) Black/white attaches to 18 gage Painless red ignition control for B+ power for my MSD ignition box.

#4.) Blue/red attaches to 18 gage Painless orange and 18 gage Painless brown ( I joined these two together and both are now supplying ignition controlled accessory power ). These power accessories only while ignition is turned on.

#5.) Black/yellow is not being used by me.

Looking at the 5 wire connector block this is how the Datsun wires are arranged:

Black/blue-------- empty

Black/white------- Blue/red

Black/yellow------- White/red"

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