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another 7m swap


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i was either going to do this or or a ka-t swap, but i knew it was going to be DOHC and 4 valves per cylinder, what the L28 would have been if there were a next generation made. so here are a few pics of it sitting in the bay i plan on pushing it back another half inch.



it looks badass, tho not as badass as as a tilted over RB26, but it'll do


im guessing mabye 3 more weeks untill it runs seeing as i am taking calc. 3 in summer school right now.

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Cool, another 7M Z. If you don't mind suggestions. I would get it back as far as you can. Getting the shifter through the body is tight. Also when you do your driveshaft use a spicer 1310 on the rear joint. It is almost as big as the Toyota front joint and alot larger than the tiny Datsun U joint.

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Cool, another 7M Z. If you don't mind suggestions. I would get it back as far as you can.


Although not a 7M, the 2JZ dimensions are pretty close. I removed the hood latch piece as well in order to get the engine further back and use hood pins for the hood hold down. I have less than an inch between the firewall and the rear of the motor.

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looking good!!


whats the length of the 7m.. ive searched EVERYWHERE and cant find it


i want to put a 7m in another car but i'm unsure of the length.. any 7m swappers wanna measure there motor from the back of the head to harm. balancer minus the stock fan setup? if you could i would be forever in your debt :)

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right now i am fabbing up the fuel lines. i have installed the fuel cell and am about to throw the engine in for the last time. i am just waiting for the 100+ degree days to go away. also this week my summer school will end and i can then go full bore on this project.

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all i did on the valve covers was take down the fins with a flap wheel on my grinder, but i bet they would look good polished. here are a few more pics of my progress.


here are the mounts, the top two are engine mounts and the bottom one is the crank trigger for megasquirt.



here is a closeup of one of my welds, i am so proud of it as it is my first good weld ever.



heres the top of the fuel cell, that thing on the left is to tension it, so it doesnt move. it is picture hanger wire and i think it is quite strong. i will cover all this up with an aluminum sheet later.



heres the bottom shot. you'll just be able to see the sump and -an fittings when it't done.


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