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Aftermarket EFI


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Hi all.


Just a few things here about EFI.


Now i am more in the machine and welding field so efi is not my cup of tea.My project is adding a VG30 mated to a audi 016 trans for my kitcar.My engine build parts r pretty much filed (thx to some people here that gave web sites).As well a custum intake a friend here is cutting and welding up Alum.


What Aftermarket EFI do u guys use? Cost does have a little factor in it.but something that is friendly-user.It has to be Twin turbo apliable.

I read a site on the net called SDSEFI.Com and their system em4e looks pretty good..What do u guys think?

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I use none... But I have always thought that the kit you were looking at was neat. The on-board LCD and fuel trimming controls are a plus. Down fall is though. It is sort of pricey for a small home made system. May have more unforeseen problems or limitations than a larger companys product. Haltech & Greddy (Greddy Ultimate is the full stand alone ECU) are two other ECU makers that make quality stuff. You need a computer to tune it, but I bet the software is better. But you do have to buy the sensors seperately if your motor doesnt already have them. Mega Squirt is a popular garage company for EFI systems. But it will be even less refined than the kit you mentioned, but much cheaper.

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SDs is a nice, reliable system for the price. If you are unfamiliar with programmable EFI, I definately recommend SDS. It was the first system that I used and was pretty easy to understand for the beginner after a little reading of the manual and changing of the values. I would also recommend doing any major tuning with a wideband and not just a narrow band air/fuel meter. If you order direct from SDS, they will have a base map programmed into the unit to get your car started, then after that it is up to you.

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