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  1. You'll have to best a 11.23 et in that chassis to be the fastest. I managed that in 2008. I wouldn't bother upgrading the stock turbo. I would go up to a 60 or bigger on the comp side. And if you're interested in any parts I still have the turbo and intercooler system kicking around.
  2. Dump diesel fuel down each cyl. It'll loosen up after a day or two.
  3. I have a some parts you might be interested in. Text me and we can chat.
  4. I block off the blow off valve or install a pipe with out the flange and delete it for testing. Unfortunately Jeff doesn't use the v band flange on his setup. Are you on the same dyno? Have you run it at the track?
  5. Call Jeffp about a .82 turbine housing. He might have one for you. Have you verified that your blowoff and wg are not opening? While I didn't do testing on the dyno with my old setup I went through a similar issue with a stage 3 .63 vs a .82 exhaust housing. The .82 took about 300 more rpm to achieve max boost but the power difference was very noticeable. I can't remember my trap speeds but it was obvious that the spool vs power wasn't significant enough to keep the smaller housing installed. The smaller housing also made the engine more sensitive to detonation. That was my experience.
  6. I had consistant 1.6sec 60ft times with a r200 open diff on hoosier 26 x 8.5 with my 72.
  7. Tim, call Keas in australia. They will have both the L and RB dimensions. Gzm is a shop I dealt with for my jatco. Good guys in my experience.
  8. The z31 auto is rated to 350rwkw with keas mods installed. I would also like to add that by using john deere hydraulic oil vs trans oil you will be adding considerable holding power to the trans. My 3 spd jatco withstood multiple back to back runs at the track with over 400whp for years. The weak point becomes the converter & input shaft. I twisted several input shafts and ballooned 2 converters getting into mid 1.5 60 ft times.
  9. I used both housings on my setup. I much preferred the .82 housing over the .63. I used a stalled jatco and had no issues getting consistent 1.65 60' times. My setup was cammed for 4 to 7k which was more of a sweet spot for the .82. Keep in mind this was with the old stage 3 Garrett turbos.
  10. Did he modify the ecu or just send you an eprom? What year is the ecu? The ecu needs some mods to work with the cobra maf. Post a pic of the inside of the ecu.
  11. That's the guy. Hope it works out for you.
  12. Jason as in "Emanace"? If so thats not good.
  13. Not much to do, just follow the instructions in the pdf on their website.
  14. Nistune with upgraded injectors and larger mafs or the sensors in larger piping is easily used at that level.
  15. Does that van have a turbo? Reason I ask is because artic cat sleds have suzi 660cc turbo 4 strokes.........just wondering about the potential of engine.
  16. I can set you up with a z32 ecu. Pm me if you're interested.
  17. how much does the car weigh with that setup?
  18. Ryan take lots of pics, you're breaking trail for me. I'll be starting on the same setup in spring. Have you picked out a turbo? What trans are you going to run?
  19. You can tune the jwt ecu with nistune software and board or emulator.
  20. I've just finished tuning a rb26dett with gm wasted spark coils. They're mounted on the firewall with wires run to each cylinder. Running stock coil maps with ngk plugs. The engine makes around 600 to the wheels.
  21. What did that set you back? I have a manual valve body from them in my jatco. I also made my own bracket to use a pro ratchet shifter. If you pour the coals to a jatco run hydraulic fluid in it. No slipping at all at over 400whp.
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