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Chris Rummel's easy follow RB into Z wireing guide

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Is this wiring setup similar for the RB20?

There are a few similarities but wiring the 20 is supposedly a bit easier - http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/90784-wiring-guide-for-installing-a-rb20det-into-a-datsun-z/?do=findComment&comment=860349. Links to ref. material are outdated tho'...



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Here goes

I have a 2000 RB25det.

I removed the ATTESA system. I cut it out and removed the wires going to the ECU. There are a small bundle of them and a relay. If your not keeping it and you probably wont for a Z, cut or tuck.


Pin 5    GRY/RED Start Signal

Pin 17  GRY?BLU MIL to 12V switched on a 10A fuse

Pin 20  GRN/ORG IGN Switch 12V

Pin 24  BLK/PNK FP Signal to 12V on the other side of the Relay(was not integrated into the EFI harness

PIN 31  WHT/BLUE IGN Switch 12V



Pin 6 WHT/GRN B+ 12V

Pin 1&3 WHT/BLK B+ 12V


They should all have 10A fuses to each power lead according to the FSM. The Start signal should have a 10A fuse as well!


I am running!



I missed 1 wire that is critical.

In the bundle of wires with the big white connector near the Relay packs there is a solid BROWN wire. This is the POWER wire for the IAC and the VCT! I was up and running without this and it took me until today(nearly a month later) to realize I had no VCT, but I also only drove it a handful of times. I then re-adjusted my idle and TPS and I am off and running.

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I have a .4 amp draw on the alternator, does anyone else have this problem? I have tried 3 other alternators. I used the diode as mentioned in this thread, do i need a bigger one? I am using a Quest 125 amp, or whatever it is i cant remember.

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is this thread still going I need help with wiring. I have a rb20det swap, and harness and ecu are different then everyone elses ive seen. the pin out on ecu are different and so is the wiring. it has 4 separate plugs for the ecu instead of the block that bolts in. just trying to figure out the wiring I need. if anyone is familiar with this some help would be great!

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On 1/15/2010 at 7:54 AM, z-ya said:

Here is the schematic I created for my R34 RB25DE Neo swap. It started right up last night :mrgreen:.





Did anybody happen to save this image? I'm about to start in on a Neo swap and would love to have it as a reference. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Looks like this time I visited I was able to get all the images held ransom by photobucket. Whoever fixed the issue, THANKS!

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Images reappeared

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