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86 RX7 with Turbo LM7 and Megasquirt


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Took the car to Pueblo Motorsports park to get 1/4 mile times.  Tech'd in and lined up, but never got to race.  They had problems with the staging lights and timing system.  They don't expect to have the track working until September.  ughhhhhh

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It has been a couple years, the car is still in the same state as mentioned in this thread. It runs good, I take it for a fun ride once a month on average. I have all the parts together to take it to the next stage of the build but I had lost my interest in it when my son passed away on Oct 1st of 2015. Over the last couple years I have been working on cars with one of my sons high school friend. I helped this young man install megasquirt on his miata and then rebuild his miata. I gave him my sons car (90 eagle talon turbo) and I am helping him right now on upgrading it to megasuirt, FMIC, 22psi. I have slowly got back my interest in revisiting my rx7 and taking it on to the next phase. Maybe you will start to see some updates in this thread. I have been out of the community for a couple years so I have lost track of everyone and what has been going on. 

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Welcome back, nice to hear you are still around.  Very sorry to hear about your son.

I've moved south to Centennial this summer, and am working on the garage so I can finally debug and program my Megasquirt and get my 280Z to High Plains at long last.

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