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MSD Ignition MegaSquirt Wiring


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as in the MSnS Extra Ignition Manual. You need to change your dwell from the 3 settings (cranking, running, minimum)when using a single coil, to a fixed dwell at 50% when using the MSD 6A


I did this today and the car revs, and pulls hard at 20lbs of boost.

this is single coil



this is msns1 v3.0 with MSD



it looks like you must change your dwell settings!

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hey guys, i must be really dumb not to be able to figure this out, but... i just can't figure out how to wire this thing up.


87' 300zx Turbo:

MSq-II v3.0


I mean, i could build the darn thing, but i just dont know what wires to connect where...


thanks for any help you feel like handing out


(I used the search ALOT!)


just doesnt seem to click for me.

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There is another way to wire MSD6 - which I have been running for a couple of years now - that may appeal to people who are not using a ZX distributor. I recently tried, unsuccessfully, to trigger MS (Ver: 3.57; Code: 3.2.1) directly from the VR sensor on a 280Z distributor (non-ignitor/HEI). Didn't work.


Instead of having MS drive the MSD box - as in the schematics above - you can (conceptually speaking) put the MSD in front of MS and trigger MS using the tach out.


The tach out on MSD6 is a 12V square wave. You wire the MSD box for a typical VR installation: Green and Violet wires to VR sensor; White wire is not used; Heavy Black and Red wires to ground and battery, respectively; Light gauge Red wire to 12V switched; Medium gauge Black and Orange to coil negative and positive, respectively. The tach out goes to Pin 24 (DB37).




I have wired my MSD system twice using this configuration and it works very well.

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