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Well, I'm not so much concerned about "stock", but I've never been a big fan of being "flashy"... It doesn't matter if you paint your engine block Candy Purple and polish everything, your car is still slow. I'd rather spend my money to make power, not looks. But in any case, I have to spray paint them *some* color, so why not stock? Make the people at car shows that don't know Datsuns that well wonder if it came from the factory with a gigantic turbo...

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Hey, that's one of those 260ZX's right? Yeah, I remember when those came out. Real fast with that supercharged V8 from the factory. Course, I whomped on 'em with my X-package Gremlin.


Well, as far as I can tell, and from looking at pictures of nice restorations, there isn't much color variation across the board.

The block, alternator bracket, crankcase breather tube and harmonic balancer/pulley were painted light blue. The core plugs were steel. The transmission, front cover, cylinder head, valve cover, thermostat housing, distributor body, alternator body, fuel pump body, intake manifolds, balance tube and carburetors were unpainted aluminum. The engine bay, of course, was body color. The radiator and brake booster are a gloss or satin black with appropriate decals on them. Brake booster vacuum tube bracket is black, and possibly the fuel filter bracket. Engine mounts and oil pan are black too. Oil filter is a blue Nissan piece. Most of the ignition coils seem to be a semi-gloss black. I've never seen date stamped spark plug wires, but I'd guess a gray or black color.

Most everything else is coated with a special mixture of zinc. Items such as the hood prop, fuel rails, hood latch hardware, ignition coil bracket, water pump pulley, inspection light, throttle linkage, emission equipment, brake and clutch solid hoses, engine hoist bracket, distributor vacuum advance mechanism, voltage regulator, and all of the nuts and bolts.

As far as the rest of the driveline, the driveshaft was black, rearend black, halfshafts black. I believe that the rearend covers were painted black as well, but many people opt to polish or clean them up them as they are aluminum. That leaves the rest of the suspension, which in my observations has mostly been black. An exception being the rear drums, which are raw aluminum. Most of the hardware is zinc plated underneath as well.

If anyone has any further observations/corrections just post 'em.

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I have a oringial paint yellow 71 car. Does anyone know where I can go to get the paint code number as it is no longer on the car, a web site that lists them by year or something like that, I think there is a couple of Yellows. Thanks

This web site has the touchup paint WWW.automotivetouchuppaint.com

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