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Logo Design Contest $$$


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Hey guys,


My Dad is selling his part of his company, and the new owner gets to keep the name. So the part of the buisness we are keeping, we have to come up with a new logo. There seem to be alot of good graphic artist on here, so if anyone can come up with something we all like (Me, Dad, the rest of the family) I will shoot you a paypal of atleast $50.


We would like to keep part of our current logo, which is allowed.

Here is a poor shot of the current logo.




We would like to keep the Sparks part.


The new name will be Sparks Environmental Services, big change I know,

but we would like in incorporate the Sparks part of the new logo, and Environmental Services and some symbol. Maybe like a globe, or tree, something environmental. I know you guys are creative so thanks for any trys.


Some examples of other logos:



Clean Harbors Environmental Services







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I'll throw a couple your way over the next few days but first a few questions...


when designing for an entity, it helps to know exactly what that entity does, what services do they provide, for how long, any company history, company typeface, company colours? I'll sketch some out tonight and then throw them into illustrator tomorrow...any additional info you can provide will be most helpful.

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The company has been in buisness for 10 years, going on 11.


We specialize in transporting liquid bulk hazardous and non hazardous waste.


We also specialize in cleaning out large above ground oil terminal tanks. We do alot of work for oil terminals.


Hope that helps.


Company colors are dark green and white.

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Ok, I know you mentioned keeping the swoopy bits of the first and last S in the old logo but I wanted to try this one first, It's not exactly appropriate the company but I feel it's a good direction. The green bar represents the earth or ground, with the "Sparks" name slightly below that plane to show that the company has established roots and is solidly planted in the local business world. without that grounding, "Sparks" could just slide or roll away given enough of a shake. The A is somewhat self explanatory, and it's almost TOO obvious... that A is just begging for some kind of treatment.


Logo II is in the works and it includes a nice tree silhouette along with some of the elements shown above. perhaps by tomorrow night I can have that one posted.

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I got some other things that I've been asked to work on, but as a pointer for some of you who decide to take on this project:


1) make sure your logo works in grayscale first before applying colour.

2) make sure you don't over do it with the colours or gradients. It's a bitch to print.

3) try and keep lines well separated and use text no smaller than 7 point, as it starts to become harder to print on a 4 colour press, as opposed to a spot colour job.

4) work in Illustrator or another vector capable program. Photoshop is not ideal.

5) unless you're making your own typeface, keep the fonts original and use a good font that can be legible at both large and small sizes, and don't use anything whacky. It's most often not needed.

6) What you're really asking for here is "workmark", and not a logo. If you guys need inspiration, looking for wordmark in google will find some nice results.

7) Think of the "industrial" market. Unless you're designing high-fashion girders, I would stay away from GENUINE italicized fonts and scripts. Some could be well used, but more often than not you burn some hours trying to make it work when simplicity is key.

8) Before you decide to add an element that may make it more creative, think of the brand itself and where you see parts of the logo being used, and perhaps designing a letterhead to go with the logo may lend a more helpful hand to picking the proper brand. Ideally, it should be applicable to the letterhead, business card, shipping label, and #10 envelope.


Personal opinion: I think only the "environmental leaders" is nicely designed. The others look as if they're from the 80's. Not necessarily a bad thing... I have an 80's car and I think it looks purdy nice :D but they just don't sit right, and I would not go in that direction. It's possible to explore newer avenues that may look simpler, cleaner, and more effective.


Hope to see some good ones, z'ers! :D

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motorhead. I like your logo, i was envisioning a leaf the first time i read the project outline as well.


May I suggest going out on a limb with the leaf and using it on the left hand side, with no border. In the middle of the leaf, use a darker version of the green and have it span out from where the stem meets the petal, and growing outwards towarsd the edges... that would make it look like.... a spark! LOL :D


also, the font is kinda 80's. not bad, but I think with the leaf + spark idea and perhaps a font like Avenir Bold + Avenir light ALL-CAPS for the sub-title, it would look a bit cleaner and more up to date. Or even VAG Arial Rounded if you want to make it look closer to what you ahve there.


My suggestion does not neccesarily give it the web 2.0 look and feel, but then again, that's not the target look, so I think it's almost there!

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