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What offset do I need for 16x8 wheels?

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On my (lowered) 76, fronts clear the lips fine with 16x8 225/50 0 offset, but the rears get cut by the fenders. Once rolled, they are fine. I would say you need between a +6 to+10, but if +12 creates clearance issues on the inside, I can't guarantee that won't happen to you with +10.


On the upside, if you have slightly too much + offset, you can run thin spacers, but if you don't have enough, you're just screwed (get to rolling).

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that's not hte right way of measuring depth though, because you're measuring from the spoke. put a flat board on back side of hte rim, and measure the distance between the board and the surface that's going flat against the hub, and that's your backspacing



oh i know. im just showing how deep the lip is.

the wheels specs are exactly what were ordered as.

15x8 with a -30 offset.


when we lower the car, we're looking into new rims cus we know we will have poke and rub


so about the same as evergreen

planning to get some 16x8 with +10 offset

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