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  1. Why do people pull the spindle pins anyway?The lower srut bushngs rarely if evero go bad. Its is just to much trouble toget those pins out.But if you do pull them, make sure you oat the ons with antii-sieze or rust inhibitor.
  2. Hope you have some experience. This is not a job for beginners. Read all the how to post over and over, first.
  3. wanting to do a S30 RHD conversion. I am looking for a dash and any other parts.
  4. What a novel idea. I don't know if this has ever been done before. Try using the search button.
  5. JDMEnginesCorp.com in Texas offers free shipping on all engines.
  6. Yea, health issue have kept me from spending much time with it. I am currently working on an S13 dash swap and putting in a Painless wiring harness.I figured if I am going to bastardize it with a chopped roof and RB25, why not do the dash too. Hope to have it on the road by this summer.
  7. I started this thread and yes I'm still working on it.
  8. Doing an RB swap ain't cheap. You have to pay to play.
  9. If this bearing fell out, then center strut nut would have been removed or the upper insulator separated and would need to be replaced. These insulators do go bad. They get dried out and rock hard. Make sure the bearing is cleaned and packed with heavy grease when reassembling.
  10. I have it. Its been cleaned and replated too. $12 plus S&H.
  11. Did you even bother looking at the above Sticky's. Ther is one that says "So you want to install a RB engine". OK guys, shred him.
  12. I have seen/bulit many z cars over the last 30 years, but Zeeboost your car has really caught my eye. That is one good looking car. Congrats.
  13. i have found another engine source in Garland TX. WWW.TexasJDMengines.com. They claim to have over 500 motors, including RB25 and RB26's, Not too far from JDM Engins Corp in Richardson TX. Phone Toll Free 888-316-3566 .
  14. JIS is not the only place that sells JDM engines in the Dallas area. Try JDM Engines Corp in Richardson. Last time I was there, they had racks of RB25 and RB26's. I think I counted about 30 of them. You can alao hand pick your motor. I got my RB25 there and the motor looked brand new inside and out. They also have a lot of other Skyline parts, like suspension and rear ends.
  15. My, didn't the weather turn nice here in Dallas today. Hope you were able to get started on you project Phil. Getting all the RB powered z's in the area could be fun. I have to get my started first. I have a 260 with a bull tilt fiberglass fron end, chopped roof and a Corvette esk back end. Motor and tranny are installed, and I am considering an S13 dash just to mixed up a litte more. The PO welded 2" box steel from the sompression mounts, thru the floors and back behind the seats. One of these days, I;ll need to start a thread on it. One of these days, I'd love to come out a see you ride.
  16. I'd have your local Nissan dealership special order them. This way you wouldn't have to worry about customizing the ones from Home Depot or Lowes.
  17. The clutch master is under the inspection lid and only has one resivoir. The slave or operating clyinder has a hydrolic hose running to it. It is usually best to replace both at the same time since a new one can blow out the other.
  18. Well its been a month since we heard from you last. How's the project coming?
  19. Woot! Another North Texas RB'er. Its about time Big Phil. I'm sure you have big plans for big power, huh Phil.
  20. Wow, those pulley's are almost half the price I paid for my RB. They better make it go that much faster. I'd just find a good used one.
  21. Hey Jake, you got that thing running yet?
  22. I found my RB25 Det at JDM Engines Corp. $2000 got to hand pick and they have free shipping.
  23. You need to look a little harder. There are JDM engine places all across the country. Google JDM engines.
  24. Are you still looking for a set of ANSA dual tips? I have a old style side by side set that has never been installed. Are you interested?
  25. The 75 has a wider tunnel than the 72. There is a bump out on the driver side tunnel. The factory trans mount on the 72 has vert bolt holes while the 75 has the larger horizontal bolt mounts. The 75 Mckinney x member may be too wide for the 72. If you end up having to fab or buy a new x member, let me know. I'm needing one like your 75. Joe
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