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Import or Z Shops in East Dallas, TX?

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Hey guys, long time lurker here.


I am a new Z ('78 280Z) owner; actually my first, as I am a die hard MOPAR and muscle car guy and just moved back to Dallas after being medically retired from the Navy.


When I drove the newly purchased '78 from San Diego to Dallas, I am pretty sure I spun a bearing in El Paso, resulting in me renting a dolly and towing it the rest of the way. So much for the 1,500 mile old rebuild the PO told me and backed up with paperwork.


I do not really have to time right now as I just bought a house (and I also lack a hoist/stand at the moment) to pull the engine and do a rebuild or even just a bottom end rebuild. I am looking for any reputable shops in East Dallas (rockwall, rowlett, wylie, etc...) that can do an affordable repair on my Z car.


Wife is getting impatient since I am still just working out the plans for my new workshop.


Anyone know anyone besides that guy in Ft. Worth that is trustworthy? I need someone more East Dallas as I would like to drive it as little as possible to get there, or tow it a short distance.




P.S. Ultimate plans are for an SBC sleeper, but just need to get the bugger running for now.

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Wow big-phil. Did you even read the guys post? He knows about the guy in fort worth but is going to have to tow and is looking for someone in East dallas. Adronius let me know if you find someone good. I'm just slightly north in Mckinney. Proud owner of a 1972 with 65k documented miles. 2 owner owned it from 75-2007. I'm the fourth owner.

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280z, you're down in plano? Do you know of any clubs or regular meets in the plano/mckinney area? Would love to get together sometime. You don't happen to know of any local pull-a-parts do you? I need a turbo crossmember for my bw t5 swap


If that's your car in your avatar I knew the previous owner. Small world... Travis actually got the crank pulley and fan in that car from me about a month ago. PM me if you want to meet up some time.... don't want to take this thread too off topic.


I don't make it out to any meets very often other than the occasional sonic meet up and what not. The only pick and pull that I know of that would have a bunch of Z stuff is Jerry at All Z car specialist as was mentioned earlier in this thread. There are a a few others but most don't hold on to datsuns for too long before their crushed. Its hit or miss.

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Yeah it was listed a little over a week ago. I brought it home last monday night. Great little car that needs VERY little work, I drove it home from Richardson to Mckinney without a glitch. I don't care too much for the big wing on back. I hope to remove it and paint beneath to match the car, after I take care of the leaky 4speed. I'm going to try to replace the tailshaft seal to see if that's the culprit. If so then I'll hold on the 5 speed swap for now.

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Texlenin adds:

Any local speed shop can do the work, provided you take them the specs to follow and any hints, tips, tricks specific to your engine. Any shop that'll still work on a chevvie stovebolt six probably wouldn't have too many problems with an L-series.

Under no circumstances take it anywhere near Courtesy Nissan- they won't even let you in the door!

'Yards- there are several out Wylie/Lake Lavon- Flash's Gordon's, Tawwatter(sic?)

Asian Motors,etc Just head north on 78 and keep you eyes peeled....... Used to be one here in plano over on Hedgecox, but I've never found it. Grand Prairie is the mecca- Main & Jefferson is nothing but 'yards, but it's a haul.

Meets- Z club of Texas (ZCOT.com) has many during the year all over N. Dallas. Somebody runs one at coit & 190 during the summer, but I have no info on who.

Andronius- I hear ya on the pentastar fever. My first was a 64 1/2 plymouth barracuda- the one with the BIG back glass. Cut my teeth on wrenchin' with that ride.

Hope this helps......

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Used to be one here in plano over on Hedgecox, but I've never found it.

Its just east of custer off of hedgecoxe on the north side. Carter Wrecker Salvage if I remember right

Meets- Somebody runs one at coit & 190 during the summer, but I have no info on who.

That meet has moved to an abandoned dealership in mesquite/garland owned by Randall Reed. They had 500+ some odd cars out there last week. It just started back up on monday nights, its ran by ricekiller.com
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Texlenin: i totally forgot about that one in wylie. is that one in Sachse still there (tawwaters)? I grew up in Wylie. Boy has that place changed. Thanks for the tips. oh...I have a '65 fish sitting in my dad's barn in Ladonia waiting for resto when I get my shop built.

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how about reputable/ semi-affordable auto body places, any recommendations? Want to have someone paint my hatch and maybe weld on a new nose frame in the future.


I actually have a friend who does some side work out of his garage. I can see if he would want to take it on. He's does some damn good work. I've been planning on getting him to redo my front fenders as I had some rust come through where I welded up the fender/headlight bucket. He lives down by 380 and the tollway.


Whats up with the nose frame of the car? rust? wreck damage?


Btw nice meeting you the other day.

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Yeah I think it was in a mild front ender at one point. Whoever did the body work did a damn good job of aligning things with brackets but those inside headlight panels and lower brace that all that attaches to is womperjawed and was re-welded very poorly. I was hoping to get a transplant from a salvage z and have someone re-weld properly. Other than that and the obvious hatch, that's about all. And the nose thing is more of a I'd like to get it right than a "it looks like crap" thing since it looks fine until you stick your head in the opening and stare. Yeah if your friend is up to it I'm all over it. My 1962 vw van was done in a garage with etching primer sealant and two tone dodge viper-red and toyota super-white. Looked great.

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