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  1. I have one that is in excellent shape, very smooth, pm me if your interested. I'm in Dallas TX
  2. I have a couple for sale, one with an external wg and turbo
  3. I've got 2 for sale in the parts section
  4. I have one for sale the parts forum
  5. I'd go with a Haltech, it works well, easy to install, very well supported and documented on the l28. It cost a bit more than ms but you get what you pay for.
  6. So what are the rules for warning other buyers about this person? I was sold an engine that was supposed to be a stroker L28et and once I got it home fount it to be nothing but a regular turbo engine and filled with metal bits. The work was supposedly done by a machine shop and professional engine builder, there is no way any professional ever touched this thing.
  7. I have one for sale with a metal headgasket
  8. Motul, all test prove its one of the best oils out there. Amsoil would be a close second. 85% of all professional race teams use Motul, from our test its worth every penny. $60 for 5qt jug is really not to bad considering we don't see it breaking down until 5-7k mi. I change my personal turbo car every 5k, and on our NA cars we usually change it every 10-12k mi.
  9. There was a Big difference between Phil's set up and Chris's set up. Chris's motor was fully built and had a Haltech $$$$, Phil's was meant to get the most out of a budget build and it did that pretty well. Chris has a ton of head work done on his L and that's the main reason for the power difference.
  10. What is a good price these days for a good used stroker V07 crank?
  11. There is another video somewhere that doesn't have the 80s techno music just the cars for a soundtrack, at the beginning it has a lot of close ups of the z. We somehow misplaced our copy for the past 10yrs, it would be cool to see it again.
  12. I use a sport 2k, its been flawless. The thing I see issues with in the MS system is the fine tuning. Getting a car to run is easy, but getting one to run like factory is where all the money is spent. That being said, the S500 is not a good fit, its a lot of work on a Z and not much different from the stock ecu. Id save the money and get the 2k. What are you wanting your engine management to do?
  13. Alamo Autosports supports the local Z clubs, Our club does alot of dyno days there. Usually $40 for three runs at the event.
  14. Why? I tune most L28s and RBs at 11.5 to be safe.
  15. Cowtown meets in Mansfield, and the ZCot meets in N Plano. Between the two clubs there are probably 500 members, but only 100 or two that are active. Both clubs are ZCCA members. Have you been to any meetings?
  16. I see your past this point, but for others dealing with this issue here is my advise- If the tensioner slips out you can always use a light, magnet, and a long screwdriver to pop it back in, Ive done it many times. The main thing you want to watch out for is if the chain has jumped a tooth on the crank sprocket, then it can be a pain. Most of the time if the sprocket is close but just wont line up with the cam, the tensioner is still in its just out a bit and needs to be pried back into place.
  17. I have the 12" setup as well, but in a heaver s130 making 380rwhp and I never have issues at the track, even in the Texas heat. Our sessions are usually 15-30 min, I could see if you were out for extended periods of time, the larger set may be beneficial.
  18. Where did you source the switches?
  19. They way Ive replaced them in the past is with a press and a little white grease, just make sure they are going in from the bottom and the split faces front to back of the car. You can do it on the car if the car is on the ground and you use a block and a jack to press it in, but the easiest way is with it out, using a press to put it in.
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