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Installing the 280YZ Wide-Body Kit


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I painted the car a while back and it looked reallly good but I tried to buff out the spray lines with rubbing compound and it just ended up filling in all the nooks and crannies with white compound. Im gonna need to wet sand it all and go over it again.

31310770120_medium.jpg 31310770121_medium.jpg 31310770122_medium.jpg 31310770123_medium.jpg 31310770124_medium.jpg 31310770125_medium.jpg 31310770126_medium.jpg

I also installed the hood louvers that are off a boat. I thought they would look pretty good and give some contrast.

31310770117_medium.jpg 31310770119_medium.jpg

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Lol With those wheels and that kit... Do you really expect me to be able to afford a good paintjob??

It was one of those wild hairs and I just went with it so I could see it all one color. I leave Hawaii really soon and I dont have the time or money right now to do bodywork and a real paint job. It is definitely my top priority as soon as I get back to Alabama.


Well, that and putting on the V(or)TEC heads

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Each of our 40 + year old cars will have different effects on the smoothness of matching the subtle z kit to them. My car for example was hit rather hard in the passenger rear and without a doubt had negative affects on the instillation of the kit. That plus I am a complete detail freak who wants magazine quality, lazer straight panels with uniform gaps, before the car is painted in a highly blemish showing Ford ingot silver. Make no mistake as it has been pointed out here timeless amounts that NO fiberglass kit out there will just bolt right on without at least some minor detailing work. If I was to do it all over again, I would buy it just as I did and go through whatever it took to achieve the look and wider body that I do so love, but that is me, a lunatic when it comes to achieving the vision I have for my build. I might have gone with the YZ rears however, but am WAY too far into rear spoiler body blending for that now. All in all, the kit is nice and expect to have some work with applying it.



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The air dam fit perfect, but on my car I had to build up the door gaps. The subtle z fenders are really race fenders. No internal support (I bonded stock steel supports  in mine). And then you have cutout the head light holes. I understand that fiberglass parts are no where near the quality of OEM. But I have a set of aftermarket fiberglass fenders that are amazing in quality, and fit great. So it is possible.

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