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The official White Z thread

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That sounds great!

Here's what I'm thinking if I go with white for my Z:


White body / hatch / stock front valences

Shaved "datsun" rear - per Beau's trial with the embossed letters gone over in black

Black /carbon BRE spoilers, front and rear

Black/carbon hood - mounted with black hood pins

Black/carbon ZG flares

Early 240 front bumper welded smooth and powdered black

All locks, handles, and window trim powdered black. Leave the stainless out of the windshield and hatch rubber, or have it powdered and installed too.

Shaved drip rails / side markers / emblems (possibly have emblems powdered black too?)

Shave the mirror mounting on the doors and run black fender mirrors


Basically, a base of white with black accents everywhere ;)

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This is an old pic, but shes still a beautiful white. The rust bubbles you see at the bottom are now gone. Also replaced some bondo (previous owners work) with metal. Shes nearly perfect now, inside and out. Ive got a 3 piece spoiler that will be going on as soon as I can muster up the cash for a MSA Type 1 to go with it.


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Gotta take new pics now that Ive had the work done and moved down to scenic Key West.


And for the poster that asked about the paint code before, I cant speak for that specific car, but my code is 904. Its the original white from 72 and looks to be the same as that pic (at least from my eyeballs)

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all the z's look great fellas. I am looking forward to tearing into mine. I'll start a build thread when i do.


SCLOB- I've seen the rendering in your sig mulitple times, do you happen to know if that was drawn of a specific z? I'd love to see the real life version of it bc thats nearly the look I want. White with 17" meshies anodized gold with polished lip.

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Not that I know of... its a beautiful rendering of a Z to be sure. Its pretty close to what mine will end up being. That Type 1 is my next addition (as well as the 3 piece spoiler in my garage). I really like the clean look of the rubberless bumbers. Very sharp. Mine have been rechromed and would look great like that. I may pull off the verticals and rubber when I get a little downtime to play with. Its so F***ing hot right now down here, it takes alot to get me outside for very long X.X

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