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Bill Coffey's Z?


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Did a search and couldn't come up with much info.


found this on the internets:




is that the imsa kit




or the yz kit?




I'm not a fan of the g-nose nor the yz front, I'd prefer to use the airdam in the first pic.


now that I think my e30 track car has a buyer, I think (e30 touring w/euro s50b30, zf box, e36 m3 front brakes/susp, m roadster rear, tckline coilovers, koni double adjustables, all urethane bushings, etc incase anyone is interested lol) I think I'd like to take on my 72 240z as my next project




there's bondo on the quarters, it has cracked on the driver's side. Rather than weld on new quarters, now would be a good opportunity to be able to fit some rubber under there. It will be a track car only, maybe get into some racing once my business settles down (we've been fixing/flipping sportbikes and doing s50 and s52 swaps in e30's) but I'm looking to get a retail license so I can sell cars without doing all the work, heh.


thanks in advance for any info

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Those are YZ front and rear flares, an IMSA style 3 piece spoiler and a Xenon front airdam. John Washington offers headlight buckets grafted into the YZ fenders. Info is on this page of his website, item 3.






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This is in my opinion (not impartial by any means) the best collection of Z's in one place. Not only Coffey's Z, but the Z-Wolf and the BlueOvalZ are at the very end of this row. It's a once a year "garage party" in Florida. Here are a couple from last year. And then, the Primadona Z was around somewhere in that location as well.

post-60-003661500 1289968783_thumb.jpg

post-60-002963100 1289968984_thumb.jpg

post-60-080159000 1289969137_thumb.jpg

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does the yz front air dam have any aerodynamic advantages over, say, the valance on coffey's z? can make brake ducts and a splitter with either one

The YZ covers more of the front tire which is what you want aerodynamically speaking. It is also a smoother shape so likely has less drag. I think the YZ would be the better shape for a splitter to work on, but that would have to be tested to find out for sure.

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