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  1. 240zttv8

    Iso Pantera hatch

    Check the Orlando Florida Craigslist ! Its $400.
  2. Have 3 JCR body kits. They have the fenders, rear quarters, whale tail but NO air dam. Message if interested.
  3. Which wheels are on it now? Would you sell the slot wheels?
  4. 240zttv8

    WTB: 250GTO

    PM Sent!
  5. 240zttv8

    Wanted: JDM Fairlady S30 Headlight covers

    Ive got a set I will take $1000. Came off a S31 RHD. Japan imported.
  6. 240zttv8

    Fiberglassing hood scoop

    I am working on the same style scoop for my car! Great minds think alike! I also built a Viper style scoop in front of the Corvette style scoop.
  7. 240zttv8

    1970 240z unfinished imsa

    Cant believe your selling your car! You will regret it later. GLWS
  8. 240zttv8

    240/260/280Z Centerline Wheels/Rims $999

    I have those in 8.5 and 10's. Nice wheels. GLWS
  9. 240zttv8

    Looking for fender mirrors

    I have the original JDM fenders if interested! Has a chrome plate mounted in place of the original mirrors. Im going with a GTO kit!
  10. 240zttv8

    Whale tail

    Here's the pics of the tail. Dirty from sitting in garage so many years.
  11. 240zttv8

    Whale tail

  12. 240zttv8

    WTB Kaminari 3 Piece 280ZX wing

    Ive got one I was holding for my 280zx turbo car. Decided to put motor in my 240z. I will take $250 plus shipping! Let me know. Its in great shape. [email protected]
  13. 240zttv8

    wtb lt1 t56 flywheel for pre 86 SBC

    Got what you are looking for! I bought it about 5-6 years ago and then bought an LT1 motor so this will not work for me now! Its aluminum brand new still in the box. Fidanza if I remember correctly! Price is $350 shipped! Let me know!