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  1. GM Atlas Motors, I5 or I6. They are awesome and way under utilized. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/ccrp-1108-turbocharged-vortec-inline-six/
  2. I built mine with universal poly bushings, my backup plan is to source replacement bushings in rubber or something softer than poly. Perhaps energy suspension hyperflex in the 70a durometer flavor. http://energysuspension.com/universal-products/link-flange-type-bushings-universal-mounts-isolators.html
  3. That looks great! Is that the II Much VSR vent? I am using the same vent. However II Much is taking forever to get me a replacement after their recall. First it was back ordered, then I finally get it, and it gets recalled! Now its been 7 months... Beautiful product but come on man.
  4. LLave

    240Z Battery Area Advice

    I have used the spay max epoxy. It works pretty well. A can doesn't go very far. Make sure you wear a real respirator. That is real 2k epoxy and would assume it contains ISOs.
  5. LLave

    240Z VQ37HR Swap

    It looks incredible. I want to have all my LS brackets and covers done.
  6. LLave

    240Z VQ37HR Swap

    The car looks amazing! Can I ask, what was your process to clean up the cast engine parts? They look amazing!
  7. LLave

    240Z Battery Area Advice

    Like all rust. The only REAL repair is to replace. But ospho and a good primer will slow it down a ton.
  8. That car requires a full structural restoration for sure. That is what it is.
  9. That fire off the 5 was crazy. Stay safe up there.
  10. That car will require much cutting and welding. Be honest with yourself about your skill level and dedication. Then just go for it. Good luck buddy!
  11. Great work as always. Those ARP bolts and nuts sure look sharp.
  12. LLave

    LT1 swap tips

    Well, you are in the right place, there is TONS of info on here. Start in the stickies section. You can always pick up the trusty JTR swap book. I used to run a SBC with a T5... the T5 was on borrowed time for sure, but it does fit well.
  13. LLave

    Dual Exhaust CUTTING OUT

    That is some HybridZ stuff right there. Love it.
  14. Killer work as usual. Everything looks really solid. Plenty of room for headers around that steering shaft
  15. On my 260z (early) the rear section of the bad dog connectors did interfere with the factory sway bar.