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  1. LLave

    Z31T axle swap CAN fit

    That jig is the way to go! Can I get on the jig loaner list? I haven't welded mine yet.
  2. Nice! I was somewhat close on my wild guess. Many many pounds of force. That is not my car, another members here. I can't seem to find the original thread but check it out here: https://www.diyauto.com/manufacturers/nissan/generations/240z/diys/differential-cv-lsd-hp-torque-r160-r180-r200-r230-diff-mount-faq-by-jmortensen
  3. Making that double sheer would certainly be stronger, but like you said it is likely overkill. I would however get a larger diameter thick washer on the top, large enough to support the whole bushing. Like this: Then, where is going to go? It's not going to bend that mount, you could pick up the whole car from that mount. The diff would have to sheer the bolts, which for 10.9 M12 is like 15,000lbs or something (Someone will correct me I am sure)
  4. Just saw some on Ebay right now, rebuilt and painted up. Not my listing. search "83 Datsun Nissan 280ZX Turbo Half Shafts-Axles-Prepped-Painted"
  5. I think I have a set in storage. They need a rebuild though.
  6. LLave

    seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    That's exactly how I have been feeling! Hah. If you are going to be loud, you had better be able to back it up. No reason for a 300hp car to sound like a top fuel. I mean to each their own, i suppose.
  7. Did you bench bleed the master cylinder? Air bubbles can be really difficult to get out if you don't bench bleed. Have you checked for vacuum leaks at the booster? Sounds like you may also have a leak, or a bad booster. Also, check the booster / reaction disc. It may be that the disc fell out.
  8. I think you will be just fine with bolt in. How do you plan on routing the fuel lines? Through the cabin?
  9. LLave

    Speed Forme Kit

    Better late than never, I suppose? A few points The mock-up wheels are way too big (18s) but they are what I had on hand at the time. The garage is terribly messy. I am an amateur and have no idea what I am doing.
  10. LLave

    Exposed's 1jz Build

    I think your flares look great. Subtle enough to not change the lines of the car drastically.
  11. LLave

    240z reproduction dash

    I asked them about the 260 back in late January. They said that a few prototypes had been made but nothing official yet. Cost around ~$800
  12. My car was pushed over ever so slightly in the same area. I basically bent and beat it back into shape by hand, using a variety of beating and bending tools. Regarding repairing the doors, it is hard to say without seeing the exact doors. If the rust isn't bad, that is probably the easier rout. If the whole bottom is smoked, well then I would go for the other door.
  13. LLave

    240Z Wanted $15k, located in California

    I am pretty sure I saw you on the road in Rohnert Park area.
  14. LLave

    V10 240Z build on YouTube

    I am a fan of B is for Build and I like some of what he has done on other cars. That said, completely agree. I admire the go get it attitude and trying to tackle something difficult. However, the chassis is poorly designed and the execution is so so. Not much of an improvement over a Z or an M5. A worse performing mashup of the two.
  15. LLave


    I totally understand. I am considering wiring a manual override switch to a relay, just in case. But maybe that is a tad paranoid?