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  1. Is that the same as a 280Z pedal box?
  2. Nice! As you stated, I bet the sealed bearing is ok on it's own. However I always prefer an additional dust shield. I think TTT should sell the bushings and seals as an add on.... And owe you a beer for the idea.
  3. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Sorry about the hood. I know the feeling when you put all that effort in.

    Hey buddy, Welcome back. I met you once at my good friends shop in Petaluma while Joe was working out of one of his bays (Cody at Quater Tilt). Glad to see you kept the car. Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  5. I will take them.
  6. What is the failure mode? I would like to see some pics of one of these.
  7. Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    Sounds good, let me know.
  8. Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    Are the interior plastic panel for the rear quarters available?
  9. Great illustration and explanation of the rubber/poly TC rob bushings! Thanks
  10. Wow that is stout. Yeah that should do it! Great work as always and thanks for sharing.
  11. SOLD.

    PM Incoming
  12. LS1 A/C

    Litman, impressive my friend. Your car is SO clean. I thought that the OEM compressor was variable displacement and was not compatible with the vintage air. Perhaps I was mistaken. I went to the Sanden because it is slightly smaller and I was fighting for fractions of an inch.
  13. Speed Forme Kit

    ..... I bought their flares! Way over priced but I am stoked.
  14. TUCKED! Great work on those tubes man. Your car looks great.
  15. I am interested in cost for axles and diff cover shipped to 94928.