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    Great news! That happens, trust me I know.

    Sweet look forward to seeing it!

    I'm considering this as well so any information you have on your installation and how well it works would be helpful and appreciated. Christine
  4. L6 Intake Manifold GROUP BUY

    Yep, I'm pretty sure I'm never going to see money or the manifold fixed. He's gone I'm sure (for now), he'll be back in another form later once again.
  5. Senza Pari Manifold Group Buy V. 2.0

    Pallnet, that's what I thought he was going to do with my original one, cut out the webbing (since he started making it with a webbed manifold). He then said he didn't want to destroy it by doing that. This is the reason why I had him sell that one and make a non webbed one.
  6. L6 Intake Manifold GROUP BUY

    It seems the other thread is gone, anyone that would have paid or did business with Casey on the second groupbuy now has no record of it. Sad. I'm not sure why that was deleted.
  7. Senza Pari Manifold Group Buy V. 2.0

    I don't think people are scared of his pics of guns and liquor honestly, I know I'm not. I think people just don't want to say anything because they still hope he's going to deliver. I did the same for a long time.
  8. L6 Intake Manifold GROUP BUY

    Eric, did you get your manifold back?
  9. Senza Pari Manifold Group Buy V. 2.0

    https://instagram.com/senza_pari/ http://imgur.com/4AJoycf
  10. Senza Pari Manifold Group Buy V. 2.0

    the jdmgallery.com link is my website page. I guess I can update it more now.
  11. Senza Pari Manifold Group Buy V. 2.0

    Yeah you're right. Done.
  12. Senza Pari Manifold Group Buy V. 2.0

    He paid to have me send him mine so he can fix it. That was back in June. Now I'm out $1k AND have nothing (fail on me huh?) He responded once in Aug about his welder moving and not having wiring in for the welding machine. I texted him again in September and no response. Casey, don't you want to at least leave with a decent reputation? Why would you do this to people who trusted you? I'm amazed that you care so little about fixing this once and for all and saving your name. I don't even know why I keep on giving you some credit and think you are going to fix it, then you disappear again. I'm sure 3 months is plenty of time to finish it (instagram says you are still sending out pieces). I won't feel bad about not having it on my car. I won't feel bad when someone asks me what happened and I tell them that you scammed me. Casey will make it look like it's YOUR fault that he couldn't get this done correctly. Beware, there are always excuses. -Christine
  13. L6 Intake Manifold GROUP BUY

    I'll post up if I get mine back. And yes I know he has a full time job.
  14. L6 Intake Manifold GROUP BUY

    Have you contacted him at all?