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  1. Removing windshield

    Subscribe for later .
  2. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    NOOOooooooooo ! I was goi to get this seemed like the shit ! What happened? No time ,interest not enough to be bankable?
  3. So your saying the 1-3 inch wopuld be enought for the car to drag on pavement ?
  4. what have I done

    I bought a cheap MIG welder at Canadian tire and started practicing on sheet metal the trick is to take your time because sheet metal gets very hot, so I tac wait 1min another tac wait 1min etc and for me it worked great. And the grind the weld even if its not perfect looking u can still grind it in the end. Oh and buy splatter sheild spray if you dont get a gas with the MIG. I have a home made spot welder made with a microwave PSU works wonders on sheet metal wear you can reach both sides. Good luck.
  5. 5L V10 (S85) Conversion

    Didnt someone on here did this before ? It was a convertable Z ? Or a GTO replica...
  6. Where To Get Quality carbon fiber ZG Flares?

    Subscribe for later thanks guys.
  7. RB25det, Priming the oil system

    Just check google new engine oil prime and you will get a general idea. My 2 cents.
  8. Good thing you like it ,but not my cup of tea it looks to big reminds me of donk. Really love the 370z brakes.
  9. I'm sad to report that the shifter doesn't line up center in the hole its in the back like I measured but not center. Stay tune for the solutions.
  10. Why in gods name can't you ship in Canada ?
  11. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    Please send me an email when the next batch is ready ill be buying it thank you.
  12. Caged Interiors

    I know nothing about roll cage but couldnt you do an x section on the top bar instead of having them pass next to your head or like this )( fixed in the middle its not as strong as straight bars ,but for street use it clears your head...
  13. Why not go with silvermine motors Willwood kit ?