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  1. This is the biggest sale we've had all year - and will probably be the biggest sale we have until next Thanksgiving. Use coupon code BF2017 to receive 10% off, starting now through November 28th. This code is good for anything in our inventory - MSPNPs, solder it yourself kits, the MS3Pro, Racepak or Aeromotive products, anything! Promo code cannot be used in conjunction with other codes or offers, cannot be applied to previous orders and expires automatically at midnight, 11/28/17 EST. Shop now
  2. We're hiring!

    We have several different openings at Gainesville, Georgia. Some are customer service, some dyno tuning, and some assembly jobs. Click here for a complete list of what we're hiring for.
  3. Megasquirt Relay Board with Bosch 044 fuse blowing

    Running 30 amps through the relay board scares me a bit. I'd check to be sure the fuel pump power feed wire is not shorted to ground.
  4. Ms3x install

    Yes, that will be fine. The spark plug wires are about the only wires you'll run into that actually radiate noise on a typical motor.
  5. Ms3x install

    The IAC driver is pretty well isolated from the other functions in the ECU. Having noise injected into the IAC wires won't cause any issues for the other functions.
  6. Fuel pump cutting out at idle

    Check your data logs to make sure it's not losing RPM sync.
  7. NISSAN says Trademark Violation listings removed?!

    We have had some of our other resellers get into the same problem, but they've never gone after our own auctions. Our wording is slightly different, and I think that's why we haven't been hit. We typically describe a model specific part as something like "Racing _____, fits Nissan 240SX" or "for Nissan SR20DET" - resellers who use something like "Nissan ___________" have fared considerably worse. It seems like listing what you've got first, followed by the magic words "fits" or "for" are what you need.
  8. Ms3x install

    You can use the table blending to change the fueling or timing in real time, although it is not intended to be used as a tuning tool.
  9. How to Wiring Mackay MS3 harenss....???

    The lights on the ECU are processor controlled outputs and don't always light up when it's powered up; what makes them turn on will depend on the settings. Try powering the ECU up on a Stim instead of on the car (or on a bench where it's connected to 12 volts and ground, but nothing else) and see if it will talk to TunerStudio there.
  10. GM Wastespark with Stock L28 CAS

    GM ICMs use their own weird crank trigger pattern. I don't recommend adapting them to other engines in most cases. You could, however, gut one and direct drive the coils: https://www.diyautotune.com/support/tech/customer/gm-dis/
  11. Timing control problems

    For those wondering why the trigger wheel has a bit of a weird pattern, here's what is going on. We had the following goals when putting together the trigger disc. 1. Improve timing accuracy 2. Allow distributorless ignition conversions using the stock trigger wheel. 3. Support the existing MS1/Extra through MS3 wheel decoders. 4. Allow working with existing MegaSquirt L28 installs with no changes to wiring or modifications inside ECU. 5. Support 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines. Nissan (and several others!) used a few optical pickups across a very wide lineup. 6. Allow sequential injection for MS3. 7. If possible, allow the engine to start within one crankshaft revolution. Goal #7 meant the trigger wheel pattern needed to use the same pattern repeated twice every 180 degrees, with the ECU set up for a wheel spinning at crank speed. Keeping #4 in mind, that also meant a pattern that used just one sensor since existing installs would be set up that way. So there is a pattern with two missing teeth 180 degrees apart, and the ECU interprets that as a crank wheel because the pattern repeats once every crank revolution. We then added in a one tooth "cam" pattern to allow sequential injection.
  12. Speedo signal

    You're best off just wiring the VSS straight to the speedometer.
  13. Now shipping: MS3 Pro Ultimate

    Order the MS3 Pro Ultimate here The MS3Pro Ultimate is a new ECU that pushes the MS3Pro design as far as it will go, with more inputs and outputs and the features customers with big horsepower engines have demanded. Here's a short list of what we added to the hardware: - Peak and hold drivers (software selectable 4/1 or 8/2) - 5 more analog inputs - Onboard 4 bar MAP and barometric pressure sensor connectors - 2 more VR conditioners - for Coyote cam sensors, vehicle speed sensors, and more - 7 more switched inputs - 4 more on/off or PWM outputs - Status indicator lights And there's a new firmware upgrade out to support the MS3Pro Ultimate which you can also load to any current MS3Pro. The new firmware brings several new features: - CO2 dome pressure boost control - Four wheel traction control - More records in SD card data logs This new version of the MS3Pro sells for $1499 with an 8' flying lead harness. For those who don't need all the extra I/O, we still have the entry leave MS3Pro available too.
  14. If you rework the front accessory drive to use a timing belt instead of a V-belt and select your pulley ratios carefully, this could work... but that seems like WAY more work than any other trigger arrangement I could possibly imagine
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