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  1. Just finished updating the stock manifolds over the winter. New injectors, Custom fuel rail, and a bit of rearranging: Before:
  2. What's it worth.

    He's got the series 1 hatch glass at least
  3. 3D printed intake manifold idea

    You could 3D print the mold for which the manifold would be made from. I know there is a thread from someone doing a custom cylinder head and he is 3D printing sand molds to get prototypes done. So you could either 3D print the mold itself or the "blank" to make a mold from. I work for a prototyping company and I haven't heard of anything that would be heat resistant enough or even durable enough to make a manifold from. Unless you get a laser sintering printer which can print metal, but as you said that process is still quite expensive. Most printer materials are very brittle and melt relatively easily.
  4. Cockpit Heat

    The heater vent to the right of the gas pedal was stuck open on my car. I spent the first summer driving around with the heat on unknowingly and it got HOT. Might be something to look in to.
  5. Interior rivet alternative

    Just ordered some, I should have them on Monday and will report back
  6. Caliper Bolt Size

    M12 x 1.25, Bolt length- 40mm, Thread length- 18mm, Shoulder Diameter- 11.9, Hex size- 17mm, Grade 9 I have a spreadsheet with most suspension, and sub frame related hardware. Send me your email if you want a copy of the excel sheet. I used part numbers and ordered most of my hardware from Courtesy Nissan when available.
  7. Interior rivet alternative

    90137A319 Nylon Expanding Shank Rivet, .189" Hole Diameter, .158"-.281" Material Thickness, Black, packs of 50 This one would appear to have the closest dimensions. I have not ordered them yet to confirm though.
  8. I've heard occasionally an exhaust leak around the #6 cylinder can sound like excessive valve train noise. I'm not sure what condition your engine bay is in but it might be worth looking into.
  9. Building new garage-what do I need?

    My friend in New Hampshire has this setup Its a wide 3 bay garage, Lift in the middle bay, standard garage doors but a very high ceiling. Some storage is along the far wall in the picture. Theres a sand blaster and wood stove in the back corner, and to the left beyond what the image shows is a workbench, tool storage, and air compressor. Various spare engines, tools, welders, etc. are pretty much rolled around wherever they are not in the way. The back door in the image leads to this: 6 bays (3x2) of car and parts storage. They would benefit from some organization and better storage systems
  10. Revised center console

    I have a '70 clamshell I'd be willing to donate. I don't need anything back since I don't own a '70 haha
  11. door opening weather strip

    I had gotten the Kia weather strip from a junk yard near me. I think it was $20 for both
  12. To restore? or not to restore? (a gas tank)

    That tank is immaculate compared to what I found in my tank: Before I rinsed mine out I was replacing inline fuel filters every week and a half. I'd say rinse it out and clean up the outside and you should be good for a while.
  13. Revised center console

    Thank you for the great posts, I love reading about stuff like this and have tried to delve into carbon and fiberglass in the past. The mold looks great!