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  1. I'm not seeing a price anywhere. How much does the kit cost?
  2. The slippery slope

    Very nice color. 115 Blue? Or the popular Daytona blue?
  3. Ohhhh, I see. Unfortunately I can't respond to the topics to post pictures. It's displaying for me but I have a chrome extension fixing it. Photobucket's new pricing model screwed over a lot of people, especially those like use who relied on it for how-tos and write-ups. This is a temporary workaround. The original post should definitely still be edited for the future when this inevitably stops working or photobucket becomes another internet relic. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg?hl=en
  4. You might be looking through the wrong one. There are lots of pictures of available on this thread just below it.
  5. I can download them and post them but it'll take several edits and lots of reading to make sure they're properly sorted. I think I'll upload them all under a response for now so they're at least available.
  6. The slippery slope

    I've been trying to follow the 20-80 rule lately with my car, especially when it comes to metal work. You see lots of full restorations that dig into every spot to make sure every inch of rust is taken car of, even smaller areas. That's either REALLY high dollar restoration or a decade's worth of work for busy people. For 20% the effort or cost you get 80% results. Restoration/power costs both tend to be an exponential curve and the point of diminishing returns is different for everyone. I'm aiming for 40-50% the effort of those insane restorations and hoping for a solid B+ level car the next several years. It won't be particularly fast, it won't be a show car, some rust will still be present and hidden, but the frame will be a bit stiffer, it'll have more power than stock, the paint will be presentable with some minor imperfections, and most importantly, it won't be in the garage until I'm in deeper than I can get out of and never enjoy it.
  7. The slippery slope

    I saw that same car pop up on craigslist. It seems like a great base, at least your floors aren't rotted through. On a car that straight I wouldn't go digging too far. I made the same mistake on mine and now I'm in too deep and know it'll never be perfect so I'm accepting that fact that it's not going to be a restoration and just focusing on major problem areas and making it presentable and fun to drive.
  8. It's not so much that, it's that until now your only options were really BC, which are as close as you get to a bolt in solution, but they're still just middle of the road. Or you go with T3 bolt in setup, which is nice as a bolt in option but is still basically just a prefabbed ground control kit, or you spend all the time building your own which has been the most cost effective for someone wanting anything higher quality. If these are a true bolt in solution and they ride better than most of these other options from such a good manufacturer, they're still worth the extra money, it's just nice information to have.
  9. Anyone have any experience on KW quality for other cars that they can speak of? Would be a great bolt in alternative to the current monopoly by T3. BC is a great option but still requires cutting and welding.

    91 isn't as bad as you think, at least not at sea level. Remember that elevation plays a roll in air density, higher elevations generally have higher octane gas available. I know that I can get higher octane gas on the east side of Washington than I can on the west side of the mountains, and it's pretty much the same performance because of different air density. Tony D showed you that crazy triple carb turbo engine, but remember these days you can get that much more easily and reliably. Old school guys run carbs, but even Tony will tell you that fuel injection is objectively better in every way to what a lot of those guys worked with, water/meth injection probably won't be necessary just at 300. Check out this Datsun Europe build, same block you're working with

    Your combo is actually fairly popular for turbo swaps, especially in countries that didn't get the L28ET. I know I've considered it too, I have the same block/head in my 76. You mentioned in your build that you joined some facebook groups for datsun stuff, are you part of "Church of L Series"? Unlike DPAN or some other parts groups, "the Church" as they sort of jokingly call it is strictly L engines and a lot of really knowledgeable guys frequent the page, even Tony D who you've seen here. Would be a good one to join if you're trying to get even more info from more sources. Biggest issue with making more power for the turbo engines was the J pipe and now primitive EFI controls. The efi definitely works well if you know what you're doing, but you can't really modify it. Running custom EFI and an intercooler are your biggest steps for boosting safely. Water or methanol are definitely not required for 300, at least not based on any builds I've seen. To make 300 in the 4 cylinder L20? Yes... but we have two extra cylinders and have less issues making that kind of power.
  12. Something you need to consider regardless of swap down the road isn't just raw power, but where it makes it. Find dyno charts and compare power bands. I know after seeing a lot of 1jz dyno charts, I was leaning back to the L28ET route for cost and lower end power. Of course VVT-i on either will get you a bit of better power on the low end. 2JZ would be superior to either of them in both regards, but you start getting into cost effectiveness relative to your goals.
  13. Top of Page button on site?

    I'm not seeing one either, but holding "Page Up" on your keyboard will scroll you back up pretty quick. Not much help on mobile though, and not instant like you're hoping for.
  14. Replacing dash with dash cover

    Mine was installed before I bought the car, and it's pretty decent actually, but there are definitely still alignment issues if you look for them, like over the logo near the glovebox.
  15. Finally sprayed my Z

    Oooooh, pretty

    Still running AC as well I noticed. These are the sorts of builds I need to get more magazines for. I need a whole collection of magazines with good Z builds. Noticed they're also not running flares. Solid choice in my book. Most heavily modified Zs are always running some kind of flare, and it's nice to see something closer to stock body.
  17. Replacing dash with dash cover

    At a large all-comers type show back home this summer most people couldn't even tell that the dash on my 280 had a cap on it. Even some of the guys who at least had fond memories of old datsuns or used to own one were complimenting how nice that dash looked and saying they were normally very split. I think it looks quite nice if you take the time to align it properly. I don't even want to know what's hiding underneath the cover....
  18. I will suggest using a professional sandblasting service and just stripping down your car yourself if you decide to go that route. I had multiple paint jobs on my Z and the clear was extremely thick on the most recent one. Lots of rust that I've already fixed, but where there was paint left it was really hard and chemical strippers would barely scratch the CLEAR. I spent a few hundred between sand, a compressor rental, diesel fuel, and random odds and ends to cover stuff that I didn't want to spend the time completely removing. It was a huge hassle, and sand gets everywhere, and many many bags of sand later it was still only mostly stripped down and had some spots left. A professional using soda blasting or dustless blasting, or really anything, that can come to your house and do it all is worth the extra money. If I were to do this again, I would build up all the stuff I wanted, then tear it all apart for sandblasting, body work, and paint all at once at the end. Basically one giant Lego teardown and rebuild so I know I already have everything and paint and body work is the last step. Maybe not the professional way to do it, but often they've purchased all the parts new since they have a bigger budget and put them all together at the end. Currently the body work is holding me back and you get burned out. I wish I'd just built it up and driven it ratty until I was satisfied with everything else.
  19. This looks really clean! Great work!
  20. where to get OEM parts

    Zcarsource is your best bet like Miles said. I wouldn't recommend them for anything that you don't actually care about being OEM though, since their stuff is OEM and EVERYTHING is priced as such. Gets expensive for more basic things that are as good or better from basic aftermarket suppliers.
  21. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    Some nice progress! I'm assuming you got the painted covers idea from the Mr. Vengeance Z? I remember you mentioning that when we were talking cheap paint jobs that didn't look terrible haha. That shop looks neat! If they ever have another meetup of some kind let me know. I'd love to go check out their stuff. It might be a nice way to get my Z up here faster if I have a safe place to put it. Currently I just have too many sitting at my place here. I have the G37, the hardbody, and my 240 parts car. Need to finish stripping out the parts car so I can clear out some space.
  22. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    I posted these exact links on another topic by a young guy wanting to do the GTR swap into his Z. Thought I was having some deja vu and only thought I posted them because I thought it was in this same topic for a second. Had to go back and check my own comments haha.
  23. The benefits are getting rid of the unreliable external voltage regulator and higher amps. You'll end up replacing your alternator less often, and when you do, it's one less item to worry about since external regulators are gonna get more pricey.
  24. Man, that forum upgrade didn't retain any of the formatting in my quote. Hopefully you still caught most of my responses to your questions! I went back and formatted my responses to make them easier to read between everything regardless. Like az240z said, popping the hood helps with any heat buildup. I also found a vented 280z hood for mine which helps even more if you're concerned, but it's less of an issue on EFI models even with a turbo.
  25. Website not loading?

    Sweet! Glad I noticed something and could help