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  1. where to get OEM parts

    Zcarsource is your best bet like Miles said. I wouldn't recommend them for anything that you don't actually care about being OEM though, since their stuff is OEM and EVERYTHING is priced as such. Gets expensive for more basic things that are as good or better from basic aftermarket suppliers.
  2. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    Some nice progress! I'm assuming you got the painted covers idea from the Mr. Vengeance Z? I remember you mentioning that when we were talking cheap paint jobs that didn't look terrible haha. That shop looks neat! If they ever have another meetup of some kind let me know. I'd love to go check out their stuff. It might be a nice way to get my Z up here faster if I have a safe place to put it. Currently I just have too many sitting at my place here. I have the G37, the hardbody, and my 240 parts car. Need to finish stripping out the parts car so I can clear out some space.
  3. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    I posted these exact links on another topic by a young guy wanting to do the GTR swap into his Z. Thought I was having some deja vu and only thought I posted them because I thought it was in this same topic for a second. Had to go back and check my own comments haha.
  4. The benefits are getting rid of the unreliable external voltage regulator and higher amps. You'll end up replacing your alternator less often, and when you do, it's one less item to worry about since external regulators are gonna get more pricey.
  5. Man, that forum upgrade didn't retain any of the formatting in my quote. Hopefully you still caught most of my responses to your questions! I went back and formatted my responses to make them easier to read between everything regardless. Like az240z said, popping the hood helps with any heat buildup. I also found a vented 280z hood for mine which helps even more if you're concerned, but it's less of an issue on EFI models even with a turbo.
  6. Website not loading?

    Sweet! Glad I noticed something and could help
  7. Website not loading?

    Make sure you don't have a bookmark or new tab page directing you straight to www.hybridz.org. I was getting a 404 error going through my new tab page. It needs to be forums.hybridz.org now to direct you to the main page here.
  8. Make sure no matter what you can do you can stop it. I'd refresh the brakes. I just bought all Centric brand brake parts on rockauto. All stock replacements. Front bearings are really easy to do while you're replacing the rotors. http://www.xenonzcar.com/s30/fsm.html Be sure to download the FSM for the car. Very useful for basic repairs and knowing what weight to use and to troubleshoot any problems you find. http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/ All of the most common minor upgrades and fixes for stock configurations are available on Atlantic Z and even some that a lot of people always ask about. I would definitely look into the 280zx internally regulated alternator upgrade. More amps, bolts in, only need to splice two wires, easier to work with.
  9. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    I'm here unless my thread is unusually active haha.
  10. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    Looks sweet! I love the Mustang. "Abomination" written on the valve cover is great haha. American muscle fanatics will hate on it, but everyone forgets that they originally came with an inline six. Let me know when the next cruise you do is. I'd love to come down in the infiniti.
  11. You should definitely do this. Faded butterscotch just screams "old used sports car" Mark, I'm with you on the idea. I've always been a huge fan of understated style.
  12. Some of you might have seen my post about wanting to buy this car. I've been a huge fan of Z cars since I was about 12 years old. I finally had the opportunity to buy a 280z at a ridiculously low price and I went for it. It has a clean title and an engine that'll start and that was about it. For those reading, the intent of this car is not to build a show quality car, or a performance monster; just me trying to apply all the things I've learned and been reading about for the last 7 years of trolling around online and staring at build threads and S30 pictures. It's also a learning experience for me, since I bought it dirt cheap and it has some rust issues and all that jazz I'm not afraid to tear into stuff. Pulled it home with my dad's tiny little Toyota pickup he uses as a daily to get to work about 3 minutes from home. This is the first problem I have to address with the car. And probably the only reason I got the car for $300 (Some people lack both patience to do things right, and the resources to pay someone else to do it right) The spare wheel well was cut out (very poorly) and a different tank was installed off some unknown car from a local junkyard. They didn't even bother to get one with a feeder line on the side, just went with what they got and left the fuel inlet hanging to the side. On the bright side, they did wire a nice Walbro fuel pump to it. Unfortunately that was jimmy-rigged too. The cables were attached after the fact and went straight to the battery and a switch in the cabin. The setup works for running the engine, but it's totally unusable. I'm not too bummed though, I'll probably be picking and buying the fuel tank from my brother-in-law's F-body Camaro. I removed the fuel pump switch and wired it to the stock connections. Worked perfectly and engine ran smooth. No idea why they didn't just do that the first time. Much easier. I removed all the old breather hoses from the mystery tank to clean things up, cut some of the excessively long fuel lines and started properly cutting the spare wheel area (on the bottom right of the pic you can see how much metal was left hanging down) so I could rig up the tank as it is while I work out other things in the engine until I get my hands on the Camaro tank and do a proper job. Pardon the long post that was catch-up/initial thoughts on the car. More to come from today's work in the next post.
  13. Held off on welding the back end because I want to get it fixed properly which will involve redoing the rear lower quarters. 280's had extra metal to form a sort of V shape meeting at the bottom of the rear lower quarters and the rear valence. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but this doesn't seem to be structural and the 240s didn't have this. It's mostly rotted away so next time I'm home I'll just be chopping all that off and putting in extra metal between the rear deck and the rear quarters parallel to the ground to seal off the inside just like the 240 (at least the series 1 parts car) has. On my way back up to Washington I got a full AC system from a facebook datsun parts member while I was passing through Boise! I only needed the compressor, but I'll probably run it next summer and cruise around a bit more comforably while I finish up metal work and hopefully paint. Will probably keep the L series with AC for the time being until I really build up the rest of the car to hold up to whatever I decide to throw in the engine bay in the future. Here's a couple random pictures from my last week in Utah, including a rock chuck (?) that was wandering around the garage and seemed to enjoy the Datsun. Hasn't been a month and I already have more parts ready to go for next time I'm home.
  14. 240Z Pro-Touring Build

    Ohhhh! Nice to see you've made some progress at least moving into the new space. JD told me about his rotisserie idea last time I saw him. Sounds pretty useful and straight forward
  15. Looking for full interior for 72 240z

    I have an almost complete 240z interior from a series 1 minus the center console. Shoot me an offer. could have the vinyl pieces and plastic panels.
  16. 280Z Garage Sale

    I noticed the washer fluid bottle and undertray in your albums. Are those for sale as well?
  17. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    Put it in a bugeye wagon
  18. 2JZ engine build question

    My indecision with the CD009 (or the CD00A, or whatever the stamping is on the transmission in my G37S is) is the final gear ratios. For a lot of people it honestly won't matter, but I'm building my car 90% as a fun street car and I don't plan on towing it to shows or events down the road. More of a grand touring car than anything else I guess. The nissan 6 speeds have a really short 6th. It's really peppy, especially in my G37, but even hyper-miling on my way to Utah I've never gotten more than 23-ish mpg which is kinda sad considering the LS mated to a T56 can get you close to 30 in heavier cars. That being said, it would still depend a bit on what your rear end ratio is, and what your use of the car will be.
  19. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    If I was more experienced and had some proper shop space here in Washington I'd be so tempted to do this haha
  20. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    Depends how much money you have and what your experience level is. Just recently someone who had first gone about this and even got to mocking up the engine they had sold off their parts. Generally these sorts of projects are the sort that "If you have to ask..." you're probably in over your head. Especially if you're expecting a write up. If you have the know-how, tools, and money though... anything can be done. Watch this entire series before you decide what you want to do. At the very least it's informative and entertaining. They initially thought they'd have the car running in about a year and a half. It's been more than twice that and the car only got back on the ground on it's own wheels in the last episode.
  21. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    FD was sweet! I'm gonna have that tire kit in my Datsun when I'm back home. Will be handy since I don't have a spare with that. Still blown away by the wacky battery tie down that guy had. Most people at least make it run front to back. Also had those wacky square fender mirrors... bizarre choices being made all around.
  22. 1j-vvti/Ar-5 Build

    This is a true story, I was there. Don't do it. It's just wacky and doesn't fit with the style on the rest of the car.
  23. 1974 datsun 260z restomod

    Yep. All along haha. Glad I could help
  24. 1974 datsun 260z restomod

    When you're posting, just go to the more reply options and underneath the text box it'll give you a file attachment option. You can just load up your pictures through that.
  25. Instagram Z cars

    I occasionally post my car but it's a work in progress. Mostly a personal account. The nice cars in the middle east doesn't surprise me. Most people there are either filthy rich or dirt poor. Anyone with a mild interest in these cars that can afford to have them seems to have plenty of money to do them up nicely and properly. Definitely a lot of really nice, clean, examples out there, though not really any documentation on any of it.