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  1. Derek

    Project Binkey

    Episode 17 dropped.
  2. I already have all the stress I can take right now. Thanks anyway:)
  3. Hi blog link http://www.datsunworks.com/Blog/ FAQ http://www.datsunworks.com/Blog/faq-for-twin-cam-cylinder-head/
  4. Got the VTC cams back from Schneider so I was able to mess around a bit wit the upper chain. Machining the center out of a stock Honda exhaust gear. Holy bajezas was that thing hard. I had to anneal the center to make any headway through it. Came out great though. Action shot. Looks promising but there is a lot left to do. Best part is my stuff is always S/N001
  5. Derek

    How to mount an EDIS wheel for $0.75

    That damper is different than the ones I have. Also the rubber on yours is looking pretty tired. I'd keep a close eye on it. The good news is with the trigger wheel bolted on at least it won't fly through the radiator when it lets go:) Glad to hear you got it sorted out.
  6. Derek

    How to mount an EDIS wheel for $0.75

    For whatever reason, the dampers I've worked with are 1/4-20 imperial. The only thing I can think of since the pulleys were US dealer add on they specked out imperial.
  7. Derek

    Does anyone have experience with these filters?

    Those are designed to keep rocks out of race motors that will be rebuilt every couple a seasons:) I use oiled foam in mine. I figure the HP loss is probably equal to the permanent HP loss from scored cylinders.
  8. Owner of V3 sent me an update picture. Pretty freaking cool if you ask me. I checked the 3D model and tilted the amount they did the intake side of the water jacket is just below the outlet so hopefully there won't be any steam pocket issues. Snifff....I'm so proud:)
  9. Hi Nigel. Good catch. Yes for sure. As soon as I saw what was going on I plotted out the valve cover o-ring tool path and the .125" o-ring runs right across it. The valve cover fits on the mount bolts really well so there won't be any shift. I really really really hate welding on the castings after they have been impregnated so I opted to go another way. If it doesn't seal an epoxy repair up in that corner will work fine. This is always the toughest part. Making the compromises.
  10. Valve cover powder coated. I had powder-coated.com do the powder coating on my new valve cover. Same color as V1. Excellent quality as usual. I’m a bit away from needing a finished valve cover but never underestimate the value in having it for motivation:) So this is the big change I made to mine. This is to hold a mounting plate for the VCT sensor. Since it requires a special setup on the millI I only plan on making this mod on VCT specific builds or on special requests.
  11. I'm not sure there will ever be a turn key solution. In some ways this is a real plus because you end up with a head and valve train that is tailored to your goals. Hopefully a few other builders other than Rebello will jump in and then there will be more choices. I think it's appealing to Rebello because getting an L6 head to flow enough volume to support a 3.5L can be challenging. The owner of V2 has a 3.0L and his requirements are a lot different. From a production standpoint I've made all the changes to the head that I plan to make so the next batch should go a lot smoother. Hopefully these four will move quickly so I can get busy on the next batch. Rebellos firm on two heads and possibly a third. All five casting passed the final pressure test at 75PSI and that is the point at which I can start relaxing a bit. I still have to sweat out the finishing of the cams and hopefully at that point I'll sleep a little better:) VCT cams should be in my hands next week so I'll be able to start mocking up the gears and chains. Fun fun fun! Derek
  12. V3 manifolds finished Finished up the manifolds for V3. These were tricky because the owner of V3 decided to make my life miserable tilt the motor the opposite direction. He did this for looks plus he wanted to gain some distance for his induction system. I did a quick check on the 3D model and it looked doable. Trunnion plate on the 4th axis comes in handy for this kind of stuff. DCOE pattern matched to 48mm. Made a quick fixture/index plate to locate off of the DCOE flange. I find most people prefer that their carbs/ITBs line up when they are bolted to the manifold:) Port matched to the head and o-ringed. Rebello will blend the port match into the manifold. Since every build is different I figured the best way to handle it is to cast it a little smaller and then blend as necessary. The ripple pattern you see is from the 3D printed sand. There are certain angles where the layers on 3D printed items are fairly pronounced. I was surprised how well everything worked considering the manifold casting is 180 degrees out from it’s intended angle. I kind of cheated this shot. The manifold has already been through the vibratory finisher so this is the final finish. I threw it back in the fixture to get the picture. All done and looking pretty! Added a rib in the center so that if people have drop link type linkage they can mount the risers to it. Manifold looks a little fugly in this shot but it really isn’t:) This is the last of the V3 stuff so Rebello should be good to go at this point.
  13. I'm thinking electric at this point:)