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  1. WTB S30 Airflow Meter

    No problem just dm me if you need it
  2. Distributor and shaft

    I have a distributor no shaft dm me
  3. 280z EFI Relay

    I have a fuel pump relay for a 76 if needed
  4. WTB S30 Airflow Meter

    I have a refurbed afm off my 76 worked perfect like new. I can do 50 plus shipping
  5. WTB: 75 and 76 280z interior pieces

    77/78 door panels will not fit 76 and older. Door lock and window cranks moved just enough to piss you off lol. Ask me how I know
  6. MD - Cometic Turbo Head Gasket

    Interested I'll pm you
  7. Z32 Transmission Adapter Kits for L28

    Are they still available because you haven't been able to sell the 4 from 2011 or are you still producing more?
  8. WTB: N42 or E88 Heads

    I have an n42 asking 125 plus shipping I'm located in Tampa fl though so shipping may or may not be bad
  9. Prices dropped! 280z parts **Pics Posted**

    Sorry I don't have them for sale
  10. Prices dropped! 280z parts **Pics Posted**

    Bump price drop I need this stuff gone!
  11. Prices dropped! 280z parts **Pics Posted**

    Rob sorry for the delay. The afm is not a 7 pin. But If I can dig up the terminal block I can do 60 shipped for the terminal block and the intake to afm boot. Lance the overflow is still available
  12. Prices dropped! 280z parts **Pics Posted**

    Rob I'll check the pins when I get home but I believe so. And it is a re manufactured unit that's a year old works perfect.
  13. Prices dropped! 280z parts **Pics Posted**

    Sorry Ted I dont