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  1. No problem just dm me if you need it
  2. I have a distributor no shaft dm me
  3. I have a fuel pump relay for a 76 if needed
  4. I have a refurbed afm off my 76 worked perfect like new. I can do 50 plus shipping
  5. 77/78 door panels will not fit 76 and older. Door lock and window cranks moved just enough to piss you off lol. Ask me how I know
  6. Are they still available because you haven't been able to sell the 4 from 2011 or are you still producing more?
  7. I have an n42 asking 125 plus shipping I'm located in Tampa fl though so shipping may or may not be bad
  8. Rob sorry for the delay. The afm is not a 7 pin. But If I can dig up the terminal block I can do 60 shipped for the terminal block and the intake to afm boot. Lance the overflow is still available
  9. Rob I'll check the pins when I get home but I believe so. And it is a re manufactured unit that's a year old works perfect.
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