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  1. I have a p90 head available for sale I’m willing to ship from Florida if you’re interested
  2. No problem just dm me if you need it
  3. I have a distributor no shaft dm me
  4. I have a fuel pump relay for a 76 if needed
  5. I have a refurbed afm off my 76 worked perfect like new. I can do 50 plus shipping
  6. 77/78 door panels will not fit 76 and older. Door lock and window cranks moved just enough to piss you off lol. Ask me how I know
  7. I have an n42 asking 125 plus shipping I'm located in Tampa fl though so shipping may or may not be bad
  8. Hey guys, Just did some major suspension work to my 76 280z and would like to finish it off with some adjustable rear control arms. Also looking for some strut tower bars for both front and rear PM me if you have some you are willing to separate with
  9. I've got a set of Eibach and tokicos blue struts I'm selling for 425 plus shipping and fees like new
  10. I am currently working on purchasing one if it falls through ill let you know
  11. Going fuel injected thanks for the offer
  12. Thanks for the offer but I don't plan on using EDIS or stock exhaust. Is the coil a performance coil?
  13. Thanks for the offer matt have any pictures of the stuff? also is the regulator a rising rate by chance, and walbro inline or in tank? Im going to start out with the 82 dizzy and hope for the best. My Plan so far is MS2 or Haltech PS500 Garrett t3/t4 50 trim .63 AR Supra 440s pallnet fuel rail F54 Block P90 head N42 Intake Stock TB Greddy Type S BOV Greddy Intercooler 24x12x3 Tial 38mm set for 15 psi walbro 255 2.25" intercooler piping high out put coil 2.5"+ exhaust with high flow muffler
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