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  1. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    WARNING, RAMBLY POST...... (this is what happens when the new format autosaves your post draft and you keep editing it late at night....) One of my favorite forum/webpages for automotive enthusiasts is Jim Oak's Ranger Station. The forums themselves are the same as anywhere else, but what sets the Rangerstation apart is this technical section: http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/index.shtml It's a great, well organized resource for me even though I haven't owned an Ranger in years (Ford powered Z, old Mustang, 8.8 swapped into almost everything...you name it!). People create great write-ups that get saved and are well organized, and in a better format than in post by post format. That, and since the technical pages get a bit of traffic by themselves, he's able to get advertisers to buy in there. Maybe a way to get more revenue for our site here? Although I am on the V8 FB page as well, I'm quite opposed to the social media resource format. It may be better for that 'emergency' situation when you need an answer NOW, but information retention is poor at best. Build Organization: I have always thought it would be neat to have a spreadsheet style page that people could put in their specific combinations engines/trans, etc and then you could filter the results based on whatever attributes were important to you. For example, if you wanted to see what exhaust manifolds people used on their LS1 swapped 240zs, you could just filter out all the non-LS results and see what people used, and or click a link to their build page, or contact them directly (PM). (See this link on my website for an idea of what I'm talking about. You can even fill in the chart if you like, to see how it works!) I'm sure there's better ways of doing this, this is just for example's sake: https://philmitchell.000webhostapp.com/hybridz google spreadsheet test.html
  2. 460ZGT Project Build

    Belt mounting basically done. Just gotta finish up my new SC pulley, and get the belt length so I can order a belt for this guy. In America, engine drive alternator. In communist Russia, you mount alternator backwards and it drive engine!
  3. 460ZGT Project Build

    This here's a story 'bout a man with a Z (and a Mustang GT).... Ok, so enough hillbilly songs, I've pulled down my perfectly good running driving 78Z and started putting in the 1996 2 cam Mustang 4.6L V8. It's paired up to the T45 5sp tranny. Pics so far are with the engine sitting in the engine bay, not yet mounted. Looks promising though. As an FYI, I couldn't find any bolt holes I really felt good about picking up by, so the rope/ tow strap around the engine worked great! ( I recently dropped a 302/C6 tranny combo because a grade 8 (flawed?) bolt sheared in half, dropping the assy from 4 ft to the ground. Ouch.) As I go through making motor mounts etc, I'll post as many pictures/ dimensions as I can.
  4. 5.0 T5 shifter location

    Good link. It's one of the few links that still worked when I checked my old transmission bookmark folder! Looking back at it now in more detail however, I wonder where they got their information from. The chart shows all of the 3.8's as having a 265 rating, yet the text above the chart states: "Today's V-6 Mustangs sports the last of the T-5s. The T-5 behind the 3.8L is a 3.35 first gear set with a .68 over drive. What makes these different from the rest is the electronic speedometer trigger. No longer is there a mechanical driven cable system. It has the longer input shaft equipped with a steel front bearing retainer and reverse synchro brake assembly. Torque rating is 300ft/lbs." It's poorly cited/proofed articles like this that get people all wound up. And then, not to muddy these waters further, but the 2005-2010 4.0 used a T5 as well, but I don't know specifics of that one. From Modern Drivelines : Torque rating after the 2.95:1 gear set is installed is 350ft/lbs or about 450hp. 500ftlb is nothing to laugh at though from GForce, that's sick. I don't plan on ever hitting that in my Mustang (with the T5) but I'll keep those options in mind if I do.
  5. 460ZGT Project Build

    Things are getting a little hairy as far as flat head mounting studs are concerned! I'm just trying hard to keep overall height down in the chance I can still use an unmodified hood...
  6. 5.0 T5 shifter location

    This is one of those hotly debated topics in Ford circles. Supposedly, the V6 T5's are built to the same 300ft/lbs rating as the later 5.0 T5s. I even read a post a few years ago (maybe over in the vintage mustang forums?) that a guy got ahold of a design engineer for Ford or BW/Tremec who confirmed the V6=5.0 internally. Regardless of internet armchair debates, T5 integrity has a lot of variables (especially when considering the type of argument for or against that starts out, "I have xxhp behind my xxT5, and the car weighs xxxlbs and I drive it like a grandma/madman and it lasted forever/died prematurely"). That said, I have a stock '94 V6 T5 behind a 351w and it's still one of the smoothest shifting transmissions I've had in a car, but it's not like I'm on 15" drag tires with a 500hp 351w side stepping the clutch at every stoplight. Good gear ratio and aftermarket advice though, for sure. I wholeheartedly agree on 1st being useless in my Mustang, unless I'm starting on some wicked steep hill or pulling stumps or something.
  7. 5.0 T5 shifter location

    Yes, 91/92 were Crown Vic only 4.6 engines. Mark VII were 5.0, Mustangs were 5.0, ETC, but the 91/92 Mod engines still used the old SBF bolt pattern to use the existing AOD bellhousing.
  8. 460ZGT Project Build

    Sidetracking was my problem too. Moved across town, then was flipping Cherokees for a while, built one for my sister, and then did a 4x4 5sp conversion on my wife's. Glad to be back on this one.
  9. 5.0 T5 shifter location

    No go on a T45. Completely different bolt pattern. That's what I'm running behind my Mod motor. Why do you want the production dates on 91/92 Crown Vics? They only ran an automatic behind them, and are rated almost the same hp/tq as a 5.0HO.
  10. 460ZGT Project Build

    So I'm FINALLY making some progress again on the supercharger manifold. Most of it's welded up now, I decided not to make it a 'direct mount', but rather to have an intermediate plate where the plate bolts to the top of the welded manifold, but then has studs that stick up to mount the supercharger to. Pictures are somewhat self explanatory, the special drill bit is one I made on the lathe for doing injector bungs. I tested it out in one piece of scrap aluminum and it promptly snapped the end off, and it was all dark black inside, instead of being shiny like I would have expected. The only thing I can come up with is that it already coincidentally had a stress crack there that was internally corroded or there was a flaw in the steel or something?? Idk. Luckily the 0.540" part of the bit when resharpened drills very true, and smooth, so I should be able to just use it as a standalone drill bit and just cut the injector bungs in three steps instead of one. Oh well, it was a nice idea.
  11. Just aquired - 73 240Z with SBF 306

    Just about any transmission cooler is going to work fine, ie, be better than nothing. I think I picked mine up on eBay for my old Cherokee for $35 shipped? There's a lot of rebranding on radiators/coolers like this. Ie, Uhaul sells a line of coolers, but they're just reboxed Hayden's. You can also get a junkyard unit out of a lot of cars that have tow packages, ie Explorers, pick-up trucks etc for $20 or so. Just make sure to flush it out prior to running it to get somebody else's potentially nasty atf out.
  12. 5.0 T5 shifter location

    Yessir. Same pattern for all of these: (stolen from Wikipedia-Ford Bellhousing Patterns ) 200 I6 1978-1983 only, partial (4 of 6 bolts) pattern. 250 I6 255 V8 289 V8 - (made after August 3, 1964) - had 6 bolts holding bellhousing to block 302 Cleveland (Australia) 351 Cleveland V8 (not the 351 Cleveland M-block engine) 351 Boss 351 Cobra Jet 302 Windsor V8 351 Windsor V8 400 Cleveland M-block V8 aka 400FMX (certain 1973 casting numbers D1AE and D3AE, mated to the FMX transmission) 3.8/3.9/4.2L Canadian Essex 90° V6 (RWD only) 240 I6 300 I6 4.6L Modular V8 (first two casting runs, numbers F1AE and F2VE) 5.0L Windsor V8 5.8L Windsor V8
  13. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Saw another 8.8 'conversion' with the sandwich design here from Ronin: http://www.hottubsippinbubbly.com/Ronin/fd88install.pdf
  14. 280z 302 sbf swap

    An R200 will last you a long time. Seems that's not the weak link, it's the IRS universal joints (ask me how I know...) and then the outer stub axles can snap, but that takes some sticky tires, and hard launches. A street driven 302 should be fine with an R200 and CV axles.
  15. 280z 302 sbf swap

    This was my only concern, but if internet sources are to be trusted then I guess you're ok:
  16. LS376/480 4L70E HELP!!!

    You may also want to get this moved over to the Gen III boards. You won't much attention over here in Ford land.
  17. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Well after 10 yrs, I guess I ought to at least pitch in to be a donating member..... thanks for the work keeping HybridZ online!
  18. 460ZGT Project Build

    Whew, so I just finished updating ALL of my photo links....what a waste of time THAT is. I used https://postimages.org/ which has a very simple interface, and seems to have been around since 2004. No popups, nobody trying to sell anything. Just storing pictures. Easy Peasy.
  19. Photobucket Failure

    Any advise on how to fix my huge photobucket failure? I just got an email today saying that the lowest levels of Photobucket do not allow 3rd party hosting (ie, linking my stored photos to forums). The only option in their insane pricing schedule that DOES allow 3rd party hosting is $400!!! (YES, $400) a year. So, over the last, idk, 6+ years of my Z build, now the photos are all shot to heck. 1. That said, is it a 'failsafe' option to create an album, then link all my photos there instead of a 3rd party host? I don't want to switch hosts only to be screwed again right away. 2. Is it possible to re-open my posts (via an admin?) to editing for the purpose of re-linking photos to an album, or somewhere else? Is that worth it? Thanks for your help, I'm severely pi*sed off right now as my hobby website went kaflooey, all of my build posts, etc - all shot. Grr. It must have been in the fine print of an 'updated terms and conditions' or something a while back that changed their 3rd party hosting terms.
  20. Photobucket Failure

    I'm giving this site a try. They've been around for a while now and aren't covered in ads. Granted, I'm not sure what their revenue source is, but if it's been working since 2004 for them, I guess their "Rich Uncle" fund hasn't dried up yet. https://postimages.org/about
  21. 1978 460z

  22. DSC09188

    From the album 1978 460z

  23. DSC09180

    From the album 1978 460z

  24. DSC09182

    From the album 1978 460z

  25. DSC09165

    From the album 1978 460z