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  1. BTW: 280Z Dash

    In search of a 280z dash. Can be cracked, but ideally will have all the foam intact. Message me with pics and price. Local to the PNW is better, shipping these things is annoying! Thanks!
  2. 280Z Half Shafts

    Bump for price drop!
  3. 280z FP Build

    So far, I haven't had any issues with the fuel cell foam. However, I have only used clear 92 and VP 110 gas. When I spoke to the people over at Fuel Safe, they said that any ethanol content at all would cause problems. I'm trying to get up to one or more of the Bremerton events this year, although we had an event at the end of last year at Packwood where myself, zredbaron and JonMortensen were in attendance! Need to coordinate a big Z autox weekend at some point.
  4. 280z FP Build

    Man been a while since I updated. Must be having too much fun racing to post here. For those who don't know, following BrokenJawRacing on instagram and facebook will get you SLIGHTLY more frequent updates, and sometimes a video if I can manage it. Since we last hung out, well, lots has happened. Firstly, got the car tuned with the ITB's. English Racing in Camas WA has been my go-to shop for this for the past couple years, and they did a great job getting it set up out of the box. Put down 223whp and 200tq. For comparison, we popped off the filter and picked up 4hp and 3tq, but I think the longevity of the motor is more important than a pretty minor HP gain. First couple events of the year were wet, so we couldn't even make use of all the power. The car did earn a new nickname while it was wearing some street tires, and now has a "hovercraft mode" if it gets too wet outside. First dry event that we had with even a slightly warm/grippy tire and we broke the u-joints in the drivers side halfshaft. These were recently rebuilt with good MOOG joints, so I was a little disappointed that they failed so soon. It was a good excuse to buy the Wolf Creek Racing CV kit, especially considering the next event was in California on even grippier concrete. Hovercraft mode with some 15x6.5" 240sx SE wheels on the car Dry weather = broken u-joints Futofab kit, mmmmmmmm shiny The Crows Landing event was a lot of fun, if a bit stressful. Had some early issues with the tune, since I was finally able to run at wide open, I found that the tune was loading up and dumping way too much fuel into the car. Once we leaned it out it ran great. The ITB's are funny, and require a fair bit of maintenance to keep optimal, particularly as weather/barometric pressures change. Also ran into a fuel pickup issue, where the fuel cell foam caused the holley hydramat to sit on top of the fuel when its around 3 gallons. Once all those got figured out, it was just a matter of running the course and keeping up with a very fast XP field. Crows Landing NASA Test Facility. Best concrete on the west coast The rest of the season went pretty smoothly. Sticky, hard throttle cable got replaced with a custom Pegasus piece, perpetual tuning and fiddling with the ECU and ITB's, it will be interesting to see where the car sits when I bring it in for its annual baseline this winter! The Packwood NT and ProSolo were a lot of fun, did well at the tour, managed to hang onto the back of what I think is the car to beat nationally in the class. The Pro was fun on its own, didn't place well, but the R2 category is one of the hardest classes IMO. Fixing the throttle cable at the Packwood ProSolo, with the PRE Evo behind us. More of the field for the ProSolo, K swapped Lotus and FD RX-7 with a monster turbo. The FD driver has been a national champ more than once with that car. This winter has been "light" on the upgrades, compared to the past two years. The major outline is to change out the Arizona Z Car struts for Koni double adjustables, and build a new exhaust. Lots of other little maintenance projects and cleanup as well, but those are the highlights. Excited to get the car back on the ground soon, and see where these changes put me!
  5. 280Z Half Shafts

    Selling some spare half shafts that I've been hanging on to. Recently converted to the Wolf Creek Racing CV kit, so these won't be seeing the track any time soon! #1 and #2 are fully stock, taken from a R200 280z, #3 was refreshed with MOOG U-joints and repainted 2 years ago. #1 and #2 $50 35 each #3 $75 50 Buyer pays shipping.
  6. SOLD! Pallnet fuel rail, drilled for 11mm o-rings, with barbed ends and a 1/8" NPT gauge or sensor port. Includes mounting brackets, but no other fittings. $75 shipped to the lower 48.
  7. SOLD! Selling my shaved/welded N42 non EGR intake, complete with s13 60mm throttle body, spacer and TPS. You'll need some washer spacers for the TPS, but otherwise this is a bolt on ready system! Bottom has a welded bung to accept a 3/8" NPT sensor (I used this for an IAT sensor with the MS3 computer). The intake runners have been gasket matched and opened up about 2-3mm over stock. $250 shipped to the lower 48!
  8. SOLD!

  9. pallnet fuel rail

    Tried to send a PM but says you can't receive messages! I've got an 11mm o-ring Pallnet rail in my garage, which would be great, unless you're looking for one that works with the OEM injectors.
  10. SOLD!

    Updated price and description. No longer including rear hubs, but you won't need to send me any parts!
  11. 4.0L, 4 cyl. = 1500 hp

    I think the RP968 team that was running this at WTAC ran into oiling issues during the event. Hope they come back next year and have it working! Would be awesome to see its potential.
  12. SOLD!

    SOLD! MODS PLEASE DELETE Switching up my coilover game to a double adjustable, so I'm looking to sell my AZC setup. In very good shape, just looking for more adjustability. Been running these for 4 years, but auto-x duty only, so less than 1000 street miles. They still ride great, and show almost no wear on the shaft bodies. No leaks or "wet" spots. Come with ~300lbs springs. Fronts are ready to bolt up, rears are standard chop and weld. There is a step machined into the threaded body that will square up the shaft. Fronts knuckles have been drilled to allow a remote adjuster to come out the bottom. This is critical since the AZC design puts the adjustment knob where it is almost impossible to adjust quickly. Rears have the same piece fitted, makes life much easier! Includes everything shown. Parts located in Portland, OR. Buyer pays shipping, message with questions.
  13. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    There's a thread on here somewhere with somebody a similar subaru engine swap. It is FAR from drop in, FAR from easy, almost 100% custom, and this attempt ended as badly as anybody could expect, with the donor Z rusting to death in a ditch. If you have everything out of the car, and want to embark on a multi year project, I'd love to see you have some success! Project Binky is a great resource for what problems you can expect to encounter. Ken Blocks Hoonicorn build is another great example of trying to jam an AWD driveline into a non AWD car. http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/12/the-hoonicorn-rtr-build-story/ The Fast and Furious guys did a similar treatment with the AWD charger in the most recent film. Also remember that all these examples are being built by PRO shops with a lot of $$$ behind them. They have lots of time, lots of expertise and lots of planning! I'd advocate drawing it up in CAD first, before you ever set torch to steel.