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  1. Looks clean. You mentioned you used the same EZ Wire body harness as I’m using on my build. Where did you mount fuse box? Any pictures would be helpful. Thanks,
  2. Maybe it’s user error, but this iPad takes kinda crappy photos. At least compared to my Samsung phone.
  3. It’s been 6 months since my last update. I’ve been getting stuff done, working steadily but still no leaps or bounds. Until last week when the family decided to visit family on the other coast and was kind enough to leave me behind. I was able to really tackle and complete some loose ends. Got the engine harness worked out. It had trunk lines that seemed long enough to put in a truck, and I wanted to move a few things around. So pretty much took it apart, sliced and diced it, a little shortening here and lengthening there and voila. A harness I sure as hell hope works. I made a boxed mount for the ECU and got it tucked up nicely next to the blower motor. I restored the entire HVAC system, and got that reinstalled. Rebuilt heater core, fresh paint, upgraded blower motor from a Kia. Radiator and fans mounted. All hoses run. Went through a lot of hoses finding what would fit. What worked for others didn’t seem to work for me. Ordered 3 different 45 degree thermostat elbows, and they all showed up with 60 degree angles. Still not sure if I like the location of the steam fitting and vent in the upper hose, might move down so at least it’s horizontal so I can get the air out of the system (if I ever get to that point). finished the majority of the cold air intake. Still need to mount the air filter, which arrives tomorrow. I have an adjustable stiffener arm by Spectre that I hope will work to hold the filter up. It just doesn’t seem like it will be that stable otherwise. Made a shifter boot out of neoprene and a retainer ring out of sheet metal. Had to hack a substantial amount out of the center console to make it fit over the MGW short shifter, and will need to figure out an interior boot at some point. Restored the dashboard and am really happy with how it turned out. We’ll see how long it lasts. 5 new Speedhut gauges, with new Millhouse pods for the smaller gauges. Sound mat on the entire interior. Used Rattletrap extreme. Great bond, same thickness as the big well known stuff but half the price. I don’t really know effective it will be, but certainly can tell the difference when knocking on the panels. Camaro tank installed, plumbed and wired. Just need to get fuel gauge worked out. Next up is the body harness. Have a 20 circuit EZ Wire harness and am trying to get my mind into it. Electrical is kinda my kriptonite, it makes me weak in the knees. Then I guess it’ll be time to throw some fluids into everything and see if she’ll start.
  4. And I think Photobucket changed the settings so that you have to pay money now to share pics
  5. TTT are adjustable without removal. What flares are those?
  6. Anybody take the plunge on these yet?
  7. Very nice looking. My set up is very similar to your routing, though I don't think I would have space to put the steam vent fitting in that spot. Mine is curretly lower down, about halfway along the vertical portion of the upper hose. Not sure if its in the right spot, worried I may not be able to bleed it if its not at the top like yours.
  8. Weld in Camber Plates Cover

    Pics would be grea. I need to do this too
  9. I have the GTX2 control arms. The car isn't running yet, but I can say the for perfect, look nice and stout, have plenty of adjustment, and the ladies love them. Not so sure about that last bit, but they do look fancy and of great build quality.
  10. I'll be using the Braille B3121 for my LS swap. Its a little less costly at around $230.

    Well, I haven’t figured out how to post website pics from this iPad, but the most common power steering delete belt routing I see has very little belt contact at the crank pulley. And the belt is really close to the alternator bracket bolt. Too close for my comfort, when I set mine up like that anyway. I am planning switch to the Low Alternator Mount from these guys http://lsbrackets.com/category/alternator-only-brackets/ Another solution would be an upper right mounted A/C compressor like the one that JCI sells, but that doesn’t help much if you weren’t planning to run A/C🤡

    How are you routing it now?
  13. LS3 swaps

    http://forums.hybridz.org/forum/74-gen-iii-amp-iv-chevy-v8z-tech-board/ Try this section
  14. r230 swap questions

    I’ve done the TTT R230 swap, though my car isn’t running yet. Yes, I had to trim and box the rear crossmember. Wish they mentioned that on the website, the original design did not require the trim. Tyler said they changed the design for a better driveline angle. The rear mustache bar had to be spaced back, as it didn’t clear the rear cover on the diff. I was unable to get a rear sway bar to fit. I tried 2 types, the MSA and the ST. The MSA didn't fit because of the Bad Dog rear frame rails, and the ST wouldn't clear the dogbone. I’ve seen the same picture of the twisted front mount. Don’t know what caused it but it is the only failure I’ve heard of. The TTT piece does look kinda weak
  15. SOLD!

    This is exactly what I needed about a year ago. Looks like a good deal. But can you tell me about that cable mod to the adjusters on the fronts?