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  1. Old pictures only show as name.jpg

    Sorry I missed this. Looks like the first question was answered. As far a messaging goes, I am not sure what you mean. I got your PM just fine.
  2. Awesome news Ryan, again thanks so much for doing these apparel runs!
  3. RIP Joel Soileau

    Absolutely terrible news. My condolences to his family. He will be sorely missed.
  4. Password Reset Help Needed

    That's weird. I sent you a manual password reset to your email on Aug 13th and Oct 4th. You never received it or it just did not work?
  5. Excellent job and thanks so much for doing this! It's really cool to so much interest in people wanting HybridZ swag. Dan
  6. Weird, looks like the permissions got a little mixed up during the upgrade. Should be fixed now.
  7. I just tested the email server and it is sending out messages just fine. It is most likely a spam filter on your email server or client. Dan
  8. It is used as a login handler but had a import status updates turn on by default. I turned it off. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Donation not showing up.

    Sorry about that. Fixed
  10. Page link navigation locks up the thread.

    I opened a support ticket for this issue. Thanks!
  11. Where's my Photo Gallery?

    You dont see this in your profile?
  12. Test Post #22319A9

  13. HybridZ server move and upgrade.

    All the background rebuild tasks are complete. There is an outstanding issue with the Garage app that I need the developer to fix but everything else should be working. If you are having any issues please open a thread in the Site Support forum. Thanks!
  14. Website not loading?

    Oh crap, I forgot to add that binding entry to the server. Should be fixed now.