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  1. checked and cleaned plugs, one cam lobe had some scarring so it got a tiny adjustment... hoping that isnt it but starting to think it might be... nothing electrical was touched, its intermittent
  2. was mostly highway driving, could feel a little around 1.8k and 3,5k
  3. Its a 73 240z, has an l28 that is carb'd, i believe they are 3 screw carbs. I replaced the fuel pump, filter, and the lines in the engine bay yesterday... now i have a misfire yay
  4. car did it again today.... drained the tank car had ~8 gallons in it when it did this, drove about 10 miles and then parked for about 20 mins then it wouldnt start... pulled the pump, pressed it by hand quite a few times and then was back on the road
  5. Had a couple situations where I thought the car ran out of gas or something sputtered and died and then either needed gas or just needed to pull the valve cover and pump the fuel pump by hand until gas comes up and then it usually starts right up.... happened about 4 times, one i think was because the car was out of gas and then put gas in and needed to be pumped after that... other 3 car had gas.... is this a fuel pump issue or the dreaded vapor lock? located in nj, these have all happened within the past 2 months any guidance would be appreciated!
  6. The sensor is less than 2 years old I believe...what could cause it to fail so early?
  7. 1973 Datsun 240z, had engine rebuild less than 5k miles ago, oil changes with 10-30 vr1 oil. Normally has pretty high oil pressure that stays up at least 75%+ of the dial at 3-3.5k rpm, now it does not go as high and it goes down much quicker than it normally does and gets closer to 0 then it ever has. Have not touched anything on the engine, except for pulling valve cover to prime fuel pump a couple times since i ran out of gas.... any input or direction would be appreciated! thank you
  8. Spoke With Edan today about his stage 4 kit and if it fit on 15" rims he said it fits on some but that i will have to grind the caliper down an bit and maybe install a space. Has anyone installed his stage 4 kit for rear disks with konig rewind 15x7 -0 rims? I want to know how much grinding they needed to do and what size spacers they needed... any input would be appreciated!
  9. nzarano

    Orange Airbox -- SOLD

    i have an early flapper airbox if people are still looking...
  10. nzarano

    240z retrostat removal

    low and behold the internet was right! checked the combo switch and there was major pitting and one of the little rubber caps on the springs was totally gone, tried following the headlight switch rebuild article but the thing was too gone.... ended up making things worse and now the whole things apart doesnt want to work.....looking for a new combo switch or just the little caps and that box with the tabs for a 1973 240z, posted in the in search of parts section too.... Thank you guys so much for the help! hopefully someone has these parts sitting around
  11. Need a 1973 headlight combo switch, im in nj so can drive or factor that for shipping Mine crapped out, i tried cleaning that little box with the tabs that controls the headlights and tail lights but the issues was with those little caps that cover the springs in the mechanism they were totally messed up and that whole box is kind of dead.... looking for either entire assembly or just the little headlight box with the rocker switches and those 2 springs with the little caps. Attached a pic of the box and the little caps over the springs, let me know what you have! car isnt really entirely drivable with out this! thank you!
  12. Does anyone have a set of the Modern Motorsports brackets that allow you to use 300zx rotors and 240sx calipers? could you send me the measurements? Have access to a high end machine shop this summer thought if i could get the measurements might be able to make my own! Has anyone made their own brackets for this kind of set up? any advice would be much appreciated / designs would be awesome!
  13. nzarano

    WTB: 1978 280z Interior Plastics

    which plastic parts would you like? I 3d print many parts, can have them finished or in any color you want practically. limited to smaller generally hard to find parts not making panels quite yet...
  14. nzarano

    240z retrostat removal

    Thank you for these!!! my right blinker has never shown up on the dash when signaling so hopefully can go through this and fix all of my electrical issues!!! If not back to the retrostat....