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  1. compressor mount

    they will i spoke to them, but best price they offered was 200$ was hoping i could find something cheaper....
  2. compressor mount

    need a compressor mount that mounts a sanden style compressor to an l-series block. let me know what youve got!
  3. Rear Fender Flares/widebody kit?

    might have a set of 4 flares if youre interested in the whole set....ill do some digging this week
  4. 1972 240z roller.

    selling without engine? where is rust?
  5. need sanden compressor mount to l series block for vintage air set up. let me know what ya got
  6. how are people mounting sanden 508 compressors to l-series blocks? trying to find the easiest / most cost effective way. my fabrication abilities are limited
  7. ebay ac kit

    ended up buying a vintage air kit but now need to find someone to help me install it in nj or pa...
  8. its a '73 240z so no stock ac components
  9. speaker kick panels for 240

    trying to get a nice deal on some kick panels with the holes for low profile speakers... don't necessarily need the speakers too but if you have a good deal might take them off your hands Thanks -n
  10. i know pulling the dash only takes a day but seriously trying to avoid it s theres just so many avenues for mistakes... hoping someone can give me advice/ guidance on if it can be done.... Thanks!
  11. 240z part out

    also interested in rear brake set up / seats...
  12. WTB: L28 flat top pistons

    i know not what youre looking for but i have a sex of dished pistons/pins/rods/the rings that are still on them in good shape for real cheap...message me if it tickles your fancy, shipped from nj
  13. NJ: S130 part out + some S30 parts

    thank you! think its more the hoses than the tank, but i was also looking for a baffled tank which i believe the later models had
  14. NJ: S130 part out + some S30 parts

    does the xz gas tank fit a '73 240z?
  15. ac parts wanted

    any ac parts you have that are in known working order! trying to piece together all the parts i need for a vintage air install into '73 240z.... currently have nothing so i know i need at least drier evaporator (vintage air unit) sanden 508 compressor condenser condenser mounting bracket controls misc. parts parts shipped to 07078 nj can also email me at [email protected] Thank you!!