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  1. vintage air drain hose

    how bad would it be to leave the drain hose out of the instal? haha
  2. vintage air drain hose

    yikes i think the person that mounted the evaporator in the car might not have considered that there was a drain and it might be sitting on it....grrrrr thank you for the pics! theyve been super helpful!
  3. vintage air drain hose

    hmmmm is that the gen 2 mini? I think my unit looks a bit different but its been a couple weeks since ive seen the unit. would have never found that...
  4. vintage air drain hose

    hey could you get that picture?
  5. L28 head 3D scan, flow, CNC

    i can do flow analysis and would love to have a 3d scan of the head...
  6. vintage air drain hose

    a picture of where to connect to it on the evaporator would be great! its in a tough spot so spending alot of time looking around is a pain... it did come with the hose but no clear instructions on really where to connect it to
  7. vintage air drain hose

    Does anyone know where to attach the drain hose to a vintage air gen 2 mini? been looking around and cant seem to find where it attaches :/, thinking its probably a good idea i find where it goes before starting the system
  8. compressor mount

    they will i spoke to them, but best price they offered was 200$ was hoping i could find something cheaper....
  9. compressor mount

    need a compressor mount that mounts a sanden style compressor to an l-series block. let me know what youve got!
  10. Rear Fender Flares/widebody kit?

    might have a set of 4 flares if youre interested in the whole set....ill do some digging this week
  11. 1972 240z roller.

    selling without engine? where is rust?
  12. need sanden compressor mount to l series block for vintage air set up. let me know what ya got
  13. how are people mounting sanden 508 compressors to l-series blocks? trying to find the easiest / most cost effective way. my fabrication abilities are limited
  14. ebay ac kit

    ended up buying a vintage air kit but now need to find someone to help me install it in nj or pa...
  15. its a '73 240z so no stock ac components