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  1. nzarano

    240z retrostat removal

    low and behold the internet was right! checked the combo switch and there was major pitting and one of the little rubber caps on the springs was totally gone, tried following the headlight switch rebuild article but the thing was too gone.... ended up making things worse and now the whole things apart doesnt want to work.....looking for a new combo switch or just the little caps and that box with the tabs for a 1973 240z, posted in the in search of parts section too.... Thank you guys so much for the help! hopefully someone has these parts sitting around
  2. Need a 1973 headlight combo switch, im in nj so can drive or factor that for shipping Mine crapped out, i tried cleaning that little box with the tabs that controls the headlights and tail lights but the issues was with those little caps that cover the springs in the mechanism they were totally messed up and that whole box is kind of dead.... looking for either entire assembly or just the little headlight box with the rocker switches and those 2 springs with the little caps. Attached a pic of the box and the little caps over the springs, let me know what you have! car isnt really entirely drivable with out this! thank you!
  3. Does anyone have a set of the Modern Motorsports brackets that allow you to use 300zx rotors and 240sx calipers? could you send me the measurements? Have access to a high end machine shop this summer thought if i could get the measurements might be able to make my own! Has anyone made their own brackets for this kind of set up? any advice would be much appreciated / designs would be awesome!
  4. nzarano

    WTB: 1978 280z Interior Plastics

    which plastic parts would you like? I 3d print many parts, can have them finished or in any color you want practically. limited to smaller generally hard to find parts not making panels quite yet...
  5. nzarano

    240z retrostat removal

    Thank you for these!!! my right blinker has never shown up on the dash when signaling so hopefully can go through this and fix all of my electrical issues!!! If not back to the retrostat....
  6. nzarano

    240z retrostat removal

    By interior lights i mean all the lights that light up the dash... have tried moving the retrostat back and forth and still no luck... All fuses were removed and checked. All taillights were removed and checked to see that all filaments were in tact ( i know some have 2..) Someone pulled up to me the other day and told me my tail lights were out, checked and all the right lights come on when breaking and signaling but nothing is on when headlights are on.... does this help narrow the issues down / are they related? I think with both of those going on it doesnt seem like a plug, maybe a short?
  7. nzarano

    240z retrostat removal

    anyone have any tips to removing the retrostat in a 240z? was playing with it last week then i hit a bump and all of a sudden my interior lights were gone... want to pull it and see whats up but dont know where to begin... any advice would be appreciated
  8. nzarano

    73 260z in NY in need of assistance

    Vini bedini in ct really close to ny, tell him nick with the blue 240 sent you! he does amazing work, message me i can send pics if you want http://www.ctzcc.com/images/bedini.pdf
  9. nzarano

    vintage air drain hose

    how bad would it be to leave the drain hose out of the instal? haha
  10. nzarano

    vintage air drain hose

    yikes i think the person that mounted the evaporator in the car might not have considered that there was a drain and it might be sitting on it....grrrrr thank you for the pics! theyve been super helpful!
  11. nzarano

    vintage air drain hose

    hmmmm is that the gen 2 mini? I think my unit looks a bit different but its been a couple weeks since ive seen the unit. would have never found that...
  12. nzarano

    vintage air drain hose

    hey could you get that picture?
  13. nzarano

    L28 head 3D scan, flow, CNC

    i can do flow analysis and would love to have a 3d scan of the head...
  14. nzarano

    vintage air drain hose

    a picture of where to connect to it on the evaporator would be great! its in a tough spot so spending alot of time looking around is a pain... it did come with the hose but no clear instructions on really where to connect it to
  15. nzarano

    vintage air drain hose

    Does anyone know where to attach the drain hose to a vintage air gen 2 mini? been looking around and cant seem to find where it attaches :/, thinking its probably a good idea i find where it goes before starting the system