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  1. exactly this! my designs were made for a race team to help make toe, camber, etc adjustments quickly. We can change set up 3 times a day during testing and they can be quite different set ups. probably only for people tracking their car that wants better accuracy than standard at home adjustment methods and dont want to have to pay someone to adjust their suspension.
  2. i have a set of dished pistons from a 280 used but has rings, came from working car message me can have them shipped tomorrow!
  3. would anyone be interested in set up wheels for their z? I am currently desgining some for a race car and the design is quite adjustable and would work with a z quite well.... dependson your hubs and what you want but feel free to message me for info on prices and designing to your spec and needs! They look like a cross between these and these They will be laser cut (or water jet still working out...) aluminum or steel depending on want and need and supplied with ball transfers for the feet and proper hardware, the system has been designed in cad, tested in real life and also tested in FEA to ensure that they wont buckle and hardware is adequete. I can add logos or labels on them as well. comment or message me if youre interested they make adjusting your suspension a breeze! edited to say i can add logo
  4. Car was running, went away to school came back and car still runs but no clutch pedal all of a sudden.... got under the car the slave cylinder moves when clutch is pressed. moves about 1/2" it looks like. open slave cylinder there was fluid. couldnt see any obvious leaks... where could issue be from? press the clutch pedal and theres no resistance and it wont go into gear. any ideas would be wonderful thanks!
  5. any updates on this? been running some aero on bluff bodies with a basic front end config to get some info but would love mroe detailed models
  6. first off get a laptime simulator ( more than willing to help with this / offer my services...) see what the car is capable of doing on the track with the inputs see if it really is car or you..... see what difference is then start by optimizing car for said track.... optimimum lap is a great start. dont throw money at things you think could be the problem without knowing what it actually is.... can easily find the cg of a car, and a rough estimiate of torsional stiffness and mass dist at home with some help. plug that and suspension into simulator see what it spits out. then start tweaking car, some software can tell where improvements can be made others cant... at end of the day picking up a book on vehicle dynamics is never a bad idea. more than happy to help a fellow z owner!
  7. cfd has finished running for some situations today, but have not had time to crunch numbers and look at the results.... due to time crunch and lack of design files what i have in terms of cad is pretty basic. However alot of the theories of air being sucked up or getting stuck that have been mentioned should be at least visible or disproven based off findings.... I am hoping that the cross member is low enough that with the profile selected it does not kick up air too much. Obviously hood louvers would help and some radiator ducting work could be beneficial.... due to time crunch the cfd does not have a porous media / heat transfer set up for radiator so that will be for a later day.... Improvements would come from adding the radiator, a front opening similar to the grill, the fan, and holes in rimes to generate vortecies.... this however ups the computational power and time required. For now hoping to see how much downforce a small wing in that area can produce, what can maybe lead to it producing more downforce, and then if its a good idea and the numbers look good maybe continue down the path. Anyone whose done cfd on these cars any data, info, testing would be appreciated! suspicions and thoughts are all well and good but areo is always more complicated then it looks
  8. hey I would love to talk about what you guys did and what youre findings and data looked like!! this looks super cool, wish i had my z here for testing...
  9. current idea is to cover the steering rack with a wing profile.... wont change the look of the car, and its bolt on which is good, also simple to model
  10. Hello Hybridz! I am doing a masters in motorsport engineering and need to do a ground vehicle aerodynamics project and have one idea for another vehicle but my heart is always with datsuns..... one idea i have for datsuns is is it possible to reduce front lift without a front spoiler that changes the look of the car.... im open to other ideas and if anyone has cad files of the car I can run through CFD and then maybe 3d print to get in the tunnel would also be much appreciated! let me hear your ideas!
  11. new wheel cylinder in, brakes bled, now pedal is too spungy but still has hissing.... might rebleed
  12. so today went to work on car, found slight leak from bottom of master that was easily fixed by a quarter turn of the fitting, then go to bleed the master again, then take wheel off to bleed rears, hit brake pedal and boom goes the wheel cylinder.... mystery on pause awaiting new wheel cylidners
  13. topped up the resevoir with fluid without doing a full bleed (think it might need to be done but i was lazy) warmed car up then turned it off, put foot on brake and started it and felt no change.... how could have booster gone bad just from a master cylinder upgrade is my question? Is it possible that taking the cylinder out of the booster to glue the reaction disc had an effect? pedal feels a bit better but i have a sneaking suspicion that its because a bleed needs to be done
  14. I pulled the rod and reaction disc out and glued the disc in place as per the faq.... would the rod adjustment being wrong create a hiss or is that just from the booster failing?
  15. is it possible the boot on the back end (boot thats behind the pedal) has something to do with it? might have messed that up
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