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  1. Q's on FricFrac Ms setup and injector impedance

    Thanks Softopz for verifying. Ive' been off site for a while and since then installed 440cc high impedance injectors. I gather i did not have any sort of resistor pack since i did have PWM turned on before. Since the injector install, I turned off PWM and updated the REQ Fuel by using the calculator to 7.0. It started and ran a little rough but i held off running it long because i needed to address an exhaust leak near the o2 sensor. Softopsz, please PM me with a consulting rate. I would like you to verify some of my setting and ask you for a few tips and tricks.
  2. 90 Amp Maxima Alternator Upgrade

    Awesome! Thanks for the write up.
  3. Q's on FricFrac Ms setup and injector impedance

    Thanks for the info and advice Hud. From the manual i gathered that it might be on PWM current limiting (which would mean i'm properly set up for low impedance injectors), but i don't trust myself in making sure i am properly applying what i am reading. Thanks for verifying! Will check Motorman and Osidetiger.
  4. So I'm trying to upgrade the stock fuel injectors to 440cc injectors and am having trouble figuring out if I can easily install high impedance injectors on my setup. I have put myself in a bad place by not thoroughly documenting my build, purchasing products with no longer existing support and lack of understanding of how said products work (Note to self, don't do that!). Story is I purchased and installed a Megasquirt (v3?) and harness from FricFrac right before he went AWOL, and with his limited help and the help of some good local people I was able to get my car running pretty well. My communications with Fricfrac were often confusing, mostly my fault for lack of understanding and planning, and i failed to document what exactly i had purchased from him. During setup it became apparent that FricFrac may have built my megasqurit under the impression that i was already running 440cc injectors, while i actually was running stock injectors. I believe we adjusted the the REQ fuel settings to adjust for this. I do not remember making any changes to PWM settings. I had the car tuned by a local guy, and then checked over by TimZ and was able to enjoy driving it through the summer with minimal issue. Now I would like to upgrade the injectors and have been having trouble deciding what to do because I don't know what I have and I am unable to contact the one person who would know for sure. I need help figuring out what i have exactly so i can move forward. My Setup: 280Z l28et(81) mostly stock + intercooler and exhuast stock injectors, removed factory resistor pack Megasquirt V? and harness built by FricFrac (i believe it was V3 i requested, but i need to find a way to verify) Would like to upgrade injectors and turbo My Questions: 1. What version MS do I have? 2. What impedance Injectors is it currently set up for? 3. If I am set up for low impedance Injectors, am I using PWM, a Flyback board or Resistors? 4. If I am set up for high impedance injectors, are my PWM setting correct, or am i at risk of burning something out? 5. If I decide to use low impedance 440cc injectors, does a stock bodied injector exist? (barbed fitting, same fits the manifold without modification) 6. If I decide to use high impedence 440cc, can i just install them, disable PWM and tune? ( I know the answer for this depends on the answer for Q's 1,2, and 3) I attached a couple of pics and an MSQ. Let me know if i need to clarify or there is any other info i can grab/screen shot. Thanks in advance guys! 2017-12-06_10.01.56.msq
  5. Top chop update

    Wow!!! That's awesome!
  6. WTB G-nose Hood Hinges

    Looking for G-nose Hood hinges and G-nose mounting bracket Shipped to 48033. Let me know what you guy have. Thanks!
  7. WTB G-nose

    Damn, I just ordered a new one from RHDJapan. Thanks though!
  8. WTB G-nose

    Pretty rare, eh?
  9. Megasquirt grounding

  10. WTB G-nose

    still looking
  11. WTB G-nose

    Still looking
  12. WTB G-nose

    Hello, looking for a G-nose kit. I am located in Michigan, but willing to travel a few hours away for pickup or pay reasonable shipping. Let me know what you guys have. Thanks!
  13. Very curious to see how this goes. I have dual ebay fan setup that i converted to after an IC install. I am becoming more skeptical of these ebay fans... Looking forward to your report on the spal setup. Any way you could report on the amperage draw on your current fans vs the spal?
  14. Is this site dead?

    I'm pretty new to the Datsun world. I joined a few years back. Posted a little then, not so much now. I read new topics or post just about every day with my morning coffee. I don't have FB, never liked it. My local Z group uses FB instead of forums and i miss out on alot... Once i learned how to use google to search the forums, I was able to find just about anything i needed. I think there are a lot of users like me who aren't doing anything new or creative as to feel the need to post a new topic. I love this forum and would hate to see it go dead. This topic is motivating me to donate, haha.