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  1. Top chop update

    Wow!!! That's awesome!
  2. WTB G-nose Hood Hinges

    Looking for G-nose Hood hinges and G-nose mounting bracket Shipped to 48033. Let me know what you guy have. Thanks!
  3. WTB G-nose

    Damn, I just ordered a new one from RHDJapan. Thanks though!
  4. WTB G-nose

    Pretty rare, eh?
  5. Megasquirt grounding

  6. WTB G-nose

    still looking
  7. WTB G-nose

    Still looking
  8. WTB G-nose

    Hello, looking for a G-nose kit. I am located in Michigan, but willing to travel a few hours away for pickup or pay reasonable shipping. Let me know what you guys have. Thanks!
  9. Very curious to see how this goes. I have dual ebay fan setup that i converted to after an IC install. I am becoming more skeptical of these ebay fans... Looking forward to your report on the spal setup. Any way you could report on the amperage draw on your current fans vs the spal?
  10. Is this site dead?

    I'm pretty new to the Datsun world. I joined a few years back. Posted a little then, not so much now. I read new topics or post just about every day with my morning coffee. I don't have FB, never liked it. My local Z group uses FB instead of forums and i miss out on alot... Once i learned how to use google to search the forums, I was able to find just about anything i needed. I think there are a lot of users like me who aren't doing anything new or creative as to feel the need to post a new topic. I love this forum and would hate to see it go dead. This topic is motivating me to donate, haha.
  11. Wtb: Ssr longchamp 15"x9+ or 16"x9" 4x114.3

    Did they make longchamps in a 16? I always thought it was 15in and smaller.
  12. How to Wiring Mackay MS3 harenss....???

    Yes i have the Mackay harness. It did not come with the 240sx TPS. I had to buy and modify one to fit. I did not use the factory fuel pump and efi relay. I had previously done a l28et swap with stock harness and ecu on my 280z, so the MS3 harness and ecu was basically the same install. See if you can find a l28et swap guide for a 280zx, it might help you to see visually where connections are made.
  13. How to Wiring Mackay MS3 harenss....???

    Ahh, i just noticed you had a 280zx and not a 280z. I'm not familiar with the zx. I would suggest following the wires from the "ign. lock" and see if they go to a connector. Sorry i couldn't help more.
  14. How to Wiring Mackay MS3 harenss....???

    Look under the drivers kick panel to the left of the steering column. There should be a white connector with four wires coming out of it, Switched 12v, Constant 12v, Fuel pump and Start. Use a multi-meter to verify. Unplug the connector and use the hot side of the connector to power the appropriate relays. For the TPS you will have to make your own connection, the wire should be labeled. If not hook everything else up and it should become apparent which ones they are.
  15. WTB 82/3 Turbo dizzy

    Check Rock Auto.