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  1. Been awhile since it looked like this
  2. You need to give your dad a raise.....looking good though.
  3. Thank you sir. Again, I appreciate you taking the time. Daniel
  4. No problem. I appreciate you taking the time to do it. Thanks Daniel
  5. Chickenman, any chance I could get the height measurement just the way they are in your picture. Not including the box...lol...would appreciate it. Thanks
  6. In Progress RB26 1972 240z

    Pm sent
  7. RB 20/25 rear sump oil pan pickup tube

    Jake with cxracing is seeing if he can locate an extra one. I guess they're sold as part of their kit. Not as a individual item.
  8. RB 20/25 rear sump oil pan pickup tube

    Bump...still looking Pan is a cx racing Thanks D
  9. parting out 1975 280z

    Just re-read that it's a '75
  10. parting out 1975 280z

    I'm in need of a volt/fuel gauge
  11. I have the pan, just need the rear sump oil pan pickup tube. Thanks Daniel