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  1. 88dangerdan

    Potter Cam markings

    theczechone- thank you for info. I will definitely try and get a hold of him. Daniel
  2. 88dangerdan

    Potter Cam markings

    Found a little more information identifying the 304-09
  3. 88dangerdan

    Potter Cam markings

    Yeah, I plan on taking a closer look at it this afternoon. Not that I will know what I'm looking for. Probably take some more pics and share them here. Don't know if anyone will be able to know if any work has been done just by looking at some pics.
  4. 88dangerdan

    Potter Cam markings

    Thank you for your response. What little information I have found, says the same about how secretive he was about the "duration" of his cams. The kid I picked it up from said it ran when he got it. He removed and kept the triple webers that were installed. I might just through some round top SU's on it and swap it into my 260Z and see how it runs. I've been wanting to paint my engine bay for a while now. This just might be the added motivation I need...lol
  5. 88dangerdan

    Potter Cam markings

    Trying to find out some information on this Potter Cam. Pulled out and L28, N42 block/N42 head out of a '75 280z earlier and removed valve cover and saw this. Apparently an "A" regrind. Haven't had any luck researching the numbers that are stamped on it. Only thing I come up with references a #360, and there's not that much about that. Can anyone enlighten me on what these numbers might stand for. Thanks Daniel
  6. SWEEEETTT!!!! Looking good. Flat tire is just a reminder, that when you think you have it done. Our cars give us a reality check...lol...
  7. Been awhile since it looked like this
  8. You need to give your dad a raise.....looking good though.
  9. Thank you sir. Again, I appreciate you taking the time. Daniel
  10. No problem. I appreciate you taking the time to do it. Thanks Daniel
  11. Chickenman, any chance I could get the height measurement just the way they are in your picture. Not including the box...lol...would appreciate it. Thanks
  12. 88dangerdan

    In Progress RB26 1972 240z

    Pm sent