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  1. Hi Joe, just weighed the box at 6.16LB, and running the numbers on the UPS website estimates $15.50 to zip code 55127. This is UPS ground service, the least costly. Larry
  2. I have a pair, as far as I know the 1970 through 1978 control arms are all the same. I don't know what year car they came from, but they're in good shape, some minor surface rust. $50.00 plus shipping.
  3. I have one, $25.00 plus shipping.
  4. If he doesn't have one, I do. Let me know. 


    Thanks. Daniel 

  5. Hello, I'm looking for the hand brake hinge, the U-shaped part that the brake cable wraps around, and attaches to the under side of the hand brake lever. Mine is a 1973 240Z.
  6. Looking for a 3 wire 240Z tachometer. Most of them are 4 wire type with a square white 4 prong connector. The 3 wire type has 3 threaded studs on the back. Larry
  7. Looking for a 3 wire 240Z tachometer. Most of them are 4 wire type with a square white 4 prong connector. The 3 wire type has 3 threaded studs on the back. Larry
  8. THANK YOU!! I just ordered them from Altec, I didn't even know about them. All the other Zparts places are out of stock and no eta on replenishment.
  9. Looking for CLEAR plastic headlight covers for 240Z
  10. Hello, this looks like an opportunity for me to do some attic cleaning and liquidate some parts I've had for decades and won't ever use. I have three E31s and one E88 for you to pick from. I don't know what the minimum thickness is, but I measured all of them. All prices do not include shipping. First a raw E31 with no hardware, no valves, springs, cam towers or anything, thickness is 4.184". It's $150.00. Second an E31 with most hardware, cam towers, valves, springs and retainers. Thickness is 4.248" It's $250.00. Third a race prepped E31 that I've had for over forty years, haven't raced it for past 6 years. It's been ported, polished the larger L28 valves retro fitted. Isky valve springs and competition retainers It's thickness is 4.198". It's $850.00 The E88 has the cam towers, valves and springs. Thickness is 4.254" It's $250.00 I don't have the oil spray bar for any of them. Some pics of all 4 on my bench. Will send you more detailed pics of any you may be interested in. Larry
  11. Looking for NISMO head gasket, p/n 11044 - E4623 Larry
  12. OK, here they are in their order of assembly and price: the raw head with no hardware is $300 and its intake has been ported, it needs at least one valve guide replaced, the one with valves and no cam towers is $400, and has a broken stud at exhaust port # 1, the one with valves and cam towers is $500 and has the same broken stud, the race head ported polished and comp valves and retainers and Isky springs is $950. the retainers are Nissan comp and are for thicker than stock lash pads for the reground cam I ran. The cam towers are the ones that utilize a spray bar, I don't have one to sell.You specified you wanted a usable head. The only one of the bunch I would consider usable is the race head. The others have been in storage for decades and the valves haven't moved in that long. They are rebuildable but not usable. If you want more detailed pics on any or all of them, please send me your e-mail address and I will. Thanks. Larry
  13. Hello: You inspired me to do a little attic cleaning as I've been thinking about liquidating four E31 heads I've had for years. From pure raw with absoulutely no hardware in it and it has been ported, another with valves springs, retainers, pivot studs and no cam towers (these two have a broken stud at the front of exhaust port # 1), a third with all the hardware (valves, springs, retainers, studs, cam towers). The fourth is a fully prepared race head that I've had for 33 years, and raced with on different blocks. It is ported, fitted with the larger L28 Nissan comp. valves and retainers, Isky springs. It had a professional valve job done on it two years ago. I pulled it off my race enging 14 months ago and is in great shape. If you insist on only buying in the LA area, then we don't need to discuss this, as I live across the country in South Florida. I understand any concern on shipping costs that you may have on the blocks you're looking for, but a head would not be that much to ship. If you're interested, I will post pics on this link, other wise I will post them on the "parts for sale" category. I would also be interested in bartering for, with one of the first three mentioned above for a P90 SQARE PORT (not P90A) Please let me know. Larry
  14. Hi Juan: I think you remember me, I've got a gas tank that came out of a 1978 280Z. It was a new replacement tank put in the car back in the 90's. I think the '75 through '78 tanks are the same. It has the guage sending unit, but missing the twist lock ring that holds the sending unit in the tank. PM me or e-mail lawrencemahanor@comcast.net Larry
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