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  1. While there's a topic open about Fiber Glass Mafia, I'm curious if anyone's used their "Mafia" Fender Flare Set. Link: http://www.fiberglassmafia.com/store/p34/S30MafiaFlares Look a little different than your standard ZG flares, a hybrid between Pandem/Rocket Bunny and ZGs in my opinion. I like how the rear fender flares don't mount to the door unlike the Pandem/RB kit.
  2. baby_Carlton

    Looking for 1970-1973 240z

    Have a 1971 Series 1 with complete brakes, suspension and wiring. Going to do chassis chassis reinforcements (Subframe connectors) soon, PM me if you're interested.
  3. Hi, I talked to Dave a couple years ago about doing this exactly and he said that his coilover system would not fit with T3 camber plates. -Liam
  4. Yes I found that I get around a 1/10 of the adjustment out of the camber plates vs adjustable control arms. I think I wait to use the KMAC plates if I ever do a coilover conversion.
  5. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to make KMAC camber plates work with OE struts (non-coilover conversion) for 240z's. I've searched around the forums for a while and tried to find some guides or information that could help me make these plates work with my current setup. I briefly talked to John C. a while ago about making them work as he had previous experience with them on a customer's car but other than that I haven't been able to find much. I had a shoulder bushing made to make the KMAC plates work with my struts but after experimenting with them I found that they raised my Z by about an 1-1/2". I'm curious if anyone has been able to fit them without the major raise in ride height. My current strut setup is Tokico Blue lowering springs, Koni 8610-1437 single adjustable shocks and OEM strut insulators. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Liam Edit: changed topic heading
  6. I would give KYB a go if you're looking for something a little softer than Illuminas. Koni Reds and Tokico HP strutsa are also a pretty good street shock from what I've heard. I'm sure there's some members here that have written about their experiences about using them. The strut sectioning FAQ is a pretty good place to find some options if you haven't looked there already. I actually have some spare Illuminas for a 240z if you want to try them. I moved to Koni 1437 shocks all around and just have my Illuminas laying around. -Liam Edit: Added Tokico HP
  7. baby_Carlton

    Strip the Car...or Build Upon Existing Chassis?

    I too am curious about what experienced people have to say on this. I'm starting on my chassis and I'm debating on getting a new roller to build and properly cage or sticking with my current chassis. From my research and experience, if you want to fully rebuild your car (especially with 800+hp in mind), building from a stripped roller is cheaper and easier than using an existing built car.
  8. baby_Carlton


    Camber adjustment at the top of the strut will give you only about 1/10th the amount of angle you could get by using an adjustable lower control arm.
  9. baby_Carlton

    WTB : 240Z Rear disc brake setup

    I have a complete kit of the Silvermine rear disc brake conversion kit somewhere in my garage, if you're interested I can find it and send you some pictures. The kit: http://www.silverminemotors.com/datsun/datsun-240z/brake-upgrades/240z-260z-280z-rear-brake-upgrade-disk-conversion-kit -Liam
  10. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a 240z roller or chassis with minimal rust and a straight chassis. Paint not required. Located in California but I am willing to travel across states for a good chassis. Thanks, Liam
  11. baby_Carlton

    WTB: 240z windshield

    Hi all, Windshield is pretty old so I'm looking to get some new glass. If anyone has any 240z windshields in good condition or new reproduction let me know. I can pick up locally for those located in the Bay Area, CA. Thanks, Liam
  12. baby_Carlton

    280Z Garage Sale

    Hi, if you still haven't sold the headlight covers I would like to buy them. Thank you Liam
  13. Koni 8610-1436 or MR2 Illumina rears are very short. I've used 8610-1437 (slightly longer than 1436's), Tokico HPs and basically all the illuminas people fit on Z's except MR2 rears because they were on back order for about 5 months. Summit should have everything you are looking for with fairly accurate measurements. You will definitely have to section the struts. Good luck. -Liam
  14. baby_Carlton


    16x8 with your current tires is most likely the widest you're going to be able to feasibly use without modifying your fenders or using the perfect offset. Just be happy with your wheel size and if you're going for a certain stretch then size down your tires. I used to run 205/45R16 BFG Sport Comp 2s but 215s or 205/50s should be good also.
  15. baby_Carlton


    Depends on whether or not you're running 2.5" OD coilovers or the OEM struts. Currently running 225/50R16 on 16x8 wheels +0 offset with OEM struts, cut springs and koni inserts. The fit is very tight. Do some searching and you'll be able to find some information about tire/wheel sizes on this forum. Here are some good places to start: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/58528-wheel-show-post-your-pics-of-you-wheels/ http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/69623-the-strut-thread-koni-illumina-tokico-carrera-bilstein-ground-control/