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  1. I pulled my engine and tranny last weekend while my kids and wife were out of town and now I want to restore my engine bay. I would like to know from those who have performed this swap what I can throw away. I would look at the photos of other peoples' engine bays who have performed the swap, but I'm not sure what has been hidden as opposed to demo'd/removed. Please assume: I will be keeping the AC system, relocating the battery to the back. Thanks to everyone, I have been using this, my FSM, and youtube to help make a lot of this happen. In case you're wondering, my car came painted like this. I'll be dreaming up a new scheme either to match or something else. Jeff Engine Removed
  2. Looking for an RB26DETT with the RWD conversion to install into my 75 280z. I will arrange shipping if needed. I can pick up if within 300 miles of Lake Charles, LA. Must be in running condition with little rebuild needed. Harness is a must as well. PM me if you have anything.
  3. Info: 1975 280Z R200 diff non-LSD Problem: First of all, I made a mistake disassembling my suspension without first taking pictures...new to the weekend mechanic world...lots of forum searches, using my haynes manual, youtube, etc.. I have looked in my Haynes manual and searched google images of suspension breakdowns, and still can't seem to identify this part. If I remember correctly, I removed it from the differential mount area. I did lots of cleanup on it and was covered in oil/grime. Please help! I attached pictures of the part.
  4. Suspension

    My journey modifying my suspension to do what I want it to do.
  5. As-Received from Seller

    This is what it looked like when I bought it from New Mexico
  6. I bought this 75 280z about two months ago and immediately began playing with it. In the photos I have attached, you can see my updates. I have searched and searched the forum but have been unsuccessful finding what I need. Mostly because I'm not familiar with differentials. Could someone please look at the close up of my differential and tell me if it's an LSD unit? I bought it off of ebay advertised as such. More progress to come as I am about to install my urethane bushings and reinstall the cleaned rear suspension. Also did some carbon fiber work to the car (front air dam, carbon fiber front bumper, and MSA victory spoiler). I have the new Konig Rewinds (16x7) shipping to me and am really excited about it! But please, seriously, I need to know if that's an LSD unit. If not, I was ripped off on ebay. Thanks, Jeff Scoggins \I know this may come across as a week first post. \\I've already gotten very far with the help of this forum! Thanks to everyone and the stickies!