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  1. Jeff9727

    Slave Cylinder Pushrod Torque

    Thank you
  2. Jeff9727

    Solid 260z rolling shell, perfect v8 car

    Still have the other 240 rolling?
  3. Jeff9727

    Slave Cylinder Pushrod Torque

    Hello all, I am searching for the amount of newtons or ft/lbs of torque the RB25's oem slave cylinder's push rod exerts. Would anyone happen to know this trivia question? Thanks in advance!
  4. Jeff9727

    70-78 Z Car Shell Wanted

    Any chance this guy still has the car? I'm ready to buy
  5. Looking to buy the internal waste gate EFR 7670D turbo in .92 trim. I can also trade a 7670C no wastegate.
  6. Jeff9727

    1975 280Z RB25DET-S2 Project Car

    Honestly, I've cooled my head. Found someone who I can throw money at to finish her up.
  7. Hey to all, I am testing the waters to see what my project's worth as is. I do not have the time to complete this project on my own. I'm willing to throw money at it to finish, but don't know where to take it. I live in Southwest Louisiana in case you're wondering. Refreshed engine - New gaskets, ARP bolts, OEM head gasket Sanded, primed, and bedlined engine bay and cleared with metal flake Borg-Warner 7670D Twin Scroll 1.05A/R About the car: Bought the car in New Mexico. Surface rust beneath the fenders but can be sanded out. No rust on floor boards up front. Surface rust near the back of the seat mounts but nothing serious. I the frame rails need to be repaired as there is rust damage there. No rust around drip rails, or in spare boot. No rust on or around hatch. Illumina adjustable springs and eibach springs bought for front and back. Only back has been installed, along with poly bushings. Carbon Fiber rear spolier and front splitter 5-speed manual that came with the engine Bought but not installed: New weather strip kit for whole car Eibach lowering springs (front) and tokico illumina adjustable (front) Poly bushings for front suspension I have a spare R-200 that comes along with it, but it's not worth much as I thought it was an LSD, which it isn't.
  8. Would you ever consider selling your rocker arm suspension design as a blueprint for me to fabricate for my car?



  9. Jeff9727

    70-78 Z Car Shell Wanted

    Looking for a shell. Only real requirement would be light to no rust. Planning to come back with a tubular frame, so the exterior is important. Preferably no rust on drip rails or rear hatch area. No rear hatch needed. Doors would be nice to have but not necessary. Like I said, looking for something to build a frame in. Preferably less than $1000. Preferably within 12 hours of Louisiana. Would consider arranging freight if shell is cheap enough. Thanks! Jeff
  10. Jeff9727

    Solid 260z rolling shell, perfect v8 car

    Still for sale?
  11. FYI, I did a test fit because I was worried about the steering column. As it turns out, I'm clearing it just fine but I'm getting close to the engine mounts (Whitehead performance). I had a small set back (unexpected expenses) and will not be able to have these fabricated for another month. But I will keep everyone posted as progress is made. Jeff
  12. However, I do like the slip joints
  13. I could understand using these in certain situations where the material isn't rated for such high temperature intermittent duty cycles (cast high carbon steels). Is the purpose to reduce fatigue on the welds due to thermal growth? If so, I lean towards the bellows being on the down pipe, some flex piece on the turbo air outlet flange, and reducing vibration on the engine itself through dampening. Thoughts?
  14. Would you please give me a link to a typical arrangement?
  15. Yeah, I will have to see how the shaft comes into play. I really hope I'm onto something here! Anyway, here's some progress. Still have parts coming in. I went ahead and decided on a different flange (pictured separately) so the transition to pipe will be smooth. Plus, it's only $65.