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  1. NewZed

    Need advice on correct distributor

  2. NewZed

    Need advice on correct distributor

    Seems like it should. Looks like a product new to market though. Never seen it before. You can trace it all the way back to a one product web site. Not sure how well it will work, it looks like a small 24-2 VR wheel inside the cap. Unusual design. https://zcardepot.com/distributor-crank-trigger-sensor-efi-240z-260z-280z-510 http://www.onesixindustries.com/products
  3. NewZed

    L28 on MS2 low power

    It is low on power. And you still haven't told much about the engine. And you still have big injectors on a motor that has no need for them. Like you're not really sure what you're doing. Sorry. You'll have to learn the basics of how engines work. Especially these L series engines. It's all well documented on the site. Except for "W45 intake". Not clear what that is. Show that you have your cam on the right hole and the notch and groove are aligned. What's your compression ratio? Is valve lash properly adjusted? The basic starting points, before you even begin tuning. Your list of things doesn't mean a whole lot without the details. Somebody can probably look at your MS file and get you a few more HP. But there's a lot more to it than just a "tune". Good luck.
  4. NewZed

    Camaro IRS differential conversion

    It's nice work. But the front mount has the same leverage problem that most of the short nose diff mounts have. The nose load has a short lever on the two body mount bolts. The back bolt is essentially a fulcrum, getting upward load under forward acceleration, and the front bolt gets a downward load.
  5. NewZed

    Help - Loud Clicking Noise

    Exhaust leaks often make a mechanical sounding ticking noise. Kind of sounds like the temperature rise has made you sensitive to all kinds of normal noises. Oil pressure will drop as temperature rises. Does coolant temperature still rise at higher RPM? If you don't have an HG leak in to the cooling system, your cooling system should have been able to maintain temperature. I'd fix your cooling system first. Sounds like it might need work.
  6. NewZed

    L28 on MS2 low power

    100 HP is pretty bad. You don't mention a cam profile, or cam timing, or exhaust system, or compression ratio, or any head work, or much at all in the way of mechanical details. Looks like a stock engine, which typically gets about 130 - 150 HP, with bigger injectors. No point in the big injectors if you can't pull the air to use the fuel. The site just had a series of posts about how attention to the fine details will get you more than the typical 150. You're on the other side, working with few details. No offense, it's just the way it looks. The tune can only maximize to the limits of the mechanical work.
  7. NewZed

    SCCA ITS built L engines?

    I think that John Coffey had the high HP ITS engine. Search his old posts. Here's one example, but it doesn't describe the engine building just the results. He mentions 200 HP. But I remember reading some of his other posts. It is about attention to detail. Edit - also search just John Coffey and horsepower. Every now and then he would post his best bang for the buck list for creating power from a stock starting point.
  8. NewZed

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    So, the pistons aren't the "same" weight. What are you going to recommend?
  9. NewZed

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    Is there a question? Just curious. It's a Toyota engine?
  10. The idle speed change is a clue. Could be a big vacuum leak. A small leak raises idle speed, a bigger one drops it. A huge one kills the engine. Could be lash set too tight, or too loose. If you have an intake system vacuum gauge it's a good tool for comparing cylinders while running. The needle will jump. Overall though, all you did, hopefully, was adjust the gap between rocker arm pad and cam lobe. If you got all of the hoses connected correctly and the valve cover gasket placed properly it should be fine. The oil smell might be oil leaking from the valve cover. Who knows. There's nothing you can really screw up. I would retrace the steps you took and see if something's out of place.
  11. I don't hear a knocking noise. If you didn't let the engine warm up you'll get a wet black deposit. Wet carbon is greasy feeling. You might be overthinking things, and nervous about your recent work. If you're sure got the lash aright, warm it up and drive it and see how it sound when it's hot.
  12. The pump is external. There's drawing on page FE-3 with labels. This is from 1982's.
  13. NewZed

    Wolf creek stubi

    It's not really an adapter. It's an axle. Heat on the flange of the half-shaft. The part that needs to expand. But really, a big plastic hammer or even a piece of 2x4 will do it. Just grab a piece of wood, hold on to the axle (the new shiny part), and hit the half-shaft flange. It will pop right off.
  14. It's not the collar alone that matters. It's the collar (or sleeve as Nissan calls it), and the pressure plate. Together. Start at #35 here and it will make more sense. Maybe. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/44389-l28-is-toasting-my-240z-clutch/?page=2 Here's another interesting one -
  15. NewZed

    Wolf creek stubi

    Hard plastic hammer, block of wood...the part that's sticking is just a press fit. Use a heat gun instead of torch if you don't want to burn your paint.