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  1. Fuel Rail Compatiblity

    They fit just like the 280Z rails except for the cold start valve (CSV) extension. You can probably bend and/or cut to make it work. I've had a ZX rail on my 280Z engine but I just cut the CSV stem off (no CSV) and sealed it with a compression fitting.
  2. + means the alternator is supplying more power than the system is using. That's normal, and good. - means it isn't, that the battery is supplying the power. Apparently, ammeters, or the big wires that supply them, go bad sometimes. They just burn up. http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/15680-mysterious-burnt-out-wires-under-dash/
  3. 280z rear stub axels

    Many, maybe all, of the 280ZX axles are actually 25 spline. Nissan did some weird stuff. People use the 280ZX axles to convert their 240Z's to CV axles. 240Z's are 25 spline also. Better count to be sure. http://www.zhome.com/rnt/FordPower/HalfShaft.html
  4. Rally Suspension

    It's just one guy, if you look closely, escalating from a few veiled insults. He doesn't post much except to protect his perception of the past. Just ignore. There's a setting if you want to make it easy. You can ignore me or anyone else. Hover your cursor over their name and a new screen will pop up. Click "ignore" and their posts won't show up when you're signed in. I used yours for an example. Good luck with your car.
  5. Do you have a VIN? The collectible 240Z's are going up in price. Might be worth a quick buy for somebody to restore to its 240Z state.
  6. R200 w/MFactory LSD $1600

    It would. But I think that he sold it already. @7tooZ
  7. Rally Suspension

    You shouldn't be trying to use John Coffey's reputation to improve yours. It's just wrong. He would not be doing what you're doing now. If he had strong opinions he just stated them without the snide personal comments that you use. As a moderator he'd probably be shutting you down in this thread. You're comments are not of John Coffey quality, in any way. Try to stand on your own, if you can.
  8. Rally Suspension

    Wasn't John Coffey building a rally car?
  9. Rally Suspension

    Today's "nano" technology is pretty amazing...
  10. Clutch recommendations

    Thought that somebody would have had an opinion by now. You never said what clutch setup you're using now so nobody can really choose a "better" one. Nothing to compare to.
  11. 280z dash rebuild new idea

    Beware of the stuff that will vaporize from whatever you're using, when the inside of the car gets really hot. It will redeposit on your windows. You'll be cleaning the windshield every other day if you get the wrong materials. Many paints and caulks and filling compounds use plasticizers to make them soft and/or spreadable.
  12. Alternator Noise with MS2

    All of this talk about single ground points - engine block, intake manifold, battery negative, etc., whatever - as single points, is pointless. It's the complete circuit that matters. Just be sure that whatever it is that you're powering (and by powering I mean current flow), has a good clean low resistance circuit. It's a circle. If you think in terms of a circuit, then things like your injectors, and the ECU, and your AFR gauge, and your O2 sensors, and your alternator power circuit, and your battery charging circuit (which should be thought of independently of the starter power circuit although the wires might be in the same places), etc., will all make more sense. You can have a fantastic, clean, large gauge wire ground to the intake manifold but if the manifold is not tied well to the block or the alternator of the battery or wherever you decide the current needs to start from and end at, then the perfect excellent contact with the intake manifold won't matter. You have to work out the complete circuit. I think that much confusion is caused by the age-old practice of attaching the alternator power lead to the starter power lug, and the negative cable to the starter close to it. The starter cables are so big that they draw all of the attention.
  13. 240z L28et Overheating

    Blades spinning doesn't mean air flowing. Take some time to study/understand heat flow and how the radiator radiates and you'll see why low air flow is the likely cause. It's called a "radiator" because it disperses/radiates heat in to the air around it. Ideally the heated air leaves. With the heat it absorbed. If it doesn't leave fast enough it gets hot and won't absorb as much heat. There's a time element involved. At speed, on the freeway for example, more air flows through the radiator and the fans are useless. The hot air has to get out of the engine bay also.
  14. 240z L28et Overheating

    Focus on air flow. Bad fan clutch, or intercooler blocking radiator flow.
  15. Alternator Noise with MS2

    Don't overlook that when the engine is running and the alternator spinning that the bulk of the current is actually flowing through the alternator circuit. The battery is actually a low current draw. So it's the alternator charge wire and ground that might be most important. The battery is often thought of as the primary power source but when the car is in use, it's not really.