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Thoughts on my dyno result, 280z, triple webers

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This dyno curve is quite typical. Transition idle jet to main jet. You can change this a lot with keith franks hypos(idle) and obert e-tubes(main) or the new bb tubes(main). Pulls like a injected engine afterwords.

Are you running any of Keith's jets?

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Yes, I run them.

The first big improovement are the Hypojets (Idlejet replacement).

This is a really nice of idle driving change.


The obert Tubes are far better main jets and do not have a lean top as any Weber main jets. (I was able to optain a 12.5:1 at  7500, my high shifting point.)


With this 2 the car runs already nice.


If you have an off idle (progression holes) quick changing AFR, you can use his third Jets, which are airleaks in the progression cirquit.

They will give a nice steady acceleration in the transition between the Idle and main cirquit. (I could lower my consumptions by 2L/100km with those alone)

Leon knows those Jets really well and he talked to keith in person if I remember correctly.


Hope this helps


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Yup, I've been working with Keith for a few years. My previous L24 with DCOEs had an absolutely flat-line mixture at 12.5:1 using Keith's bubbling e-tubes. I'm sure I posted that chart in my old thread on the orange car.


I'm waiting on Keith's newest development to put into my current Z. I've got F11 tubes and they have the same pronounced rich dip at 3000-4000RPM.

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