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Lets see your V8 in your Z.

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Anyone running a big block chevy in theirs??

Yes. I'm too lazy/inept to include definitive links here, but I have a 454 with a few bits to improve it, a Doug Nash 5-speed and some chassis mods to accommodate the setup. Several others have big block Chevy engines with stock firewall/frame rails. About 15 years ago we had on this Forum a couple of really impressive bbc Datsun drag cars... full tube chassis, back-halved.


With the ubiquity of the Gen-IV small block, the old-school big block has understandably become a rarity.

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Heres my L33. I know there will be air issues I only ended up with this useless shiny intake because it looked good and was a steal. Will be trading this week for a ls6 intake and two bride vios iii.  :D practically free seats from a guy who does not fit in them anymore.... I believe this is the first time I will come out on top in a craigslist deal hapost-54610-0-00179400-1493134028_thumb.jpg

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