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4 days ago

The car had another episode of what seemed to be running on 5 cylinders again. Now that I know what that feels like I suspected another coil pack had kicked the bucket. Check engine light was on and sure enough another coil pack died 20 miles or so after the last one. Figured the 11 year old coils were done for so ordered a whole set of OEM packs. I was considering Splitfires but heard stories of them going out quickly. For an N/A motor I'm sure the Nissan units are just fine.




Figured this was a good opportunity to finally get rid of the old nasty valve covers. I was anxious to see the condition of the inside of the heads and to my surprise there was zero burnt or or sludge anywhere. It looked brand new inside.






Looks good with out all that non sense on top..




All back together. I painted the Neo Sraight 6 lettering silver to match the other lettering.






Test drove her with the new coil packs and shes feeling better than ever. Sounding nice and healthy too!

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4 weeks ago

Still for sale.. :violin:

In Topic: ~73 Turbo L28 to N/A RB25 240z Project~

4 weeks ago

Especially if you go ITB. Any MAF computer will not know how to handle open air ITB. Unless you are planning to run the plenum, that would just be silly, JK. I though about running the plenum in the beginning when I had problems with the MS3 not revving, but those days are long gone. Haltech elite 750 is a good option, and isn't too expensive. I know a guy that can hook you up to wire that...

If and when, I do plan on running the plenum since I've got everything for it already and I can focus on getting that running right before I go all out crazy haha. The company that makes the manifold adapter plate says you won't be able to run VCT with it but there in the process of making an adapter to retain VCT. If I can keep VCT on the car I'll likely go for it. How did you get around this?

In Topic: ~73 Turbo L28 to N/A RB25 240z Project~

21 February 2017 - 07:49 PM

Thanks I appreciate the input, I'll have to look into those guys as well. Glad to know there's a few options out there for obd1.

In Topic: ~73 Turbo L28 to N/A RB25 240z Project~

21 February 2017 - 09:48 AM

I might have the wife get me this for my B-Day..Nissan consult adapter and some Data scan software. For around $150 it seems like a great tool to have. Then eventually I can go Nistune if I go with the ITB route so I can actually program the ECU to my liking.