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High fuel pressure after fuel pump swap..

A day ago

The motor is an RB25 non turbo.


So I was having some performance issues, motor seemed down on power a bit and I was getting some starting problems. I would start the car and it would die, had to blip the throttle to get her going. I suspected the old in line fuel pump needed replacing so I put a new Walbro 255 in as shown here with a pre filter to catch any gas tank debris. Also changed the fuel filter while I was at it.




After I did this the fuel pressure was maxed out on the gague. I searched around and heard the rb25's fuel pressure regulators don't do well with a high pressure fuel pump like the Walbro 255 and an adjustable regulator should be fitted. So I bought an afpr and the issue still persists. Turning the fp down does nothing. When I key on the fuel pressure does it's normal thing and it will hold a psi within the normal range but once the car is started it maxes out. The car runs and can be driven this way. I've heard high fp can be a kink or obstruction in the return line but no kinks and what are the odds an obstruction happened right when I changed the pump, I never even touched the return line during this whole process. Any ideas? I'm at a loss here..

USB Chargers in your S30?

2 days ago

I'm thinking about installing a hidden USB charger somewhere just in case I had to charge up my phone if I get stranded somewhere off the beaten path. I see a bunch out there for under $10 on ebay. Anyone do this in their S30? Got any pictures or product recommendations?

WTB: Strut mount insulator upper rear 280z

3 weeks ago

A pair would be nice but I'll take just one also. Must be the tall style rear strut mount insulator from a 280z. Like this:


Must provide me with pictures, and need a picture of the condition of the rubber!


Thanks, PM me



FS: Front Splitter - So Cal - S30

27 May 2017 - 12:53 PM

Selling a front splitter that came on my car when I bought it. I just went to use it again but it doesn't fit with my current air dam. This splitter fit great when used with a 280z front air dam (see pics below). It attaches in the stock horn bolt hole locations, I would personally add a couple more supports at the sides but that's up to the buyer. The splitter is made out of a thick plastic. $80 picked up only in 92562.













WTB: RB26 AAC Valve

27 December 2016 - 06:08 AM

Looks like this, need the valve and assembly it bolts to just as you see here: