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In Topic: Stronger motor mounts

3 days ago

My question as well. The idea that the OEM mounts were going bad after 6 months is hard to believe. The ones in the race car are 3 years old and are checked often. The ones in the street Z are even older and they're fine.


How the mounts are at idle or at 3000 rpm aren't a concern, I'd like to know what it's like going up to 7000 rpm, down to 3000 and back to 7000 in a matter of seconds at WOT.

In Topic: StanceParts Air Cups

3 days ago

I might even be able to drive into a slanted ramp parking garage. Oh right, the exhaust tone will still set off car alarms.


It does however look like a solution to a real problem. The air tank is a bit of an issue however.

In Topic: Oh boy another S12+8 Caliper Thread - I.D. my setup

4 days ago

I have had only good experiences with Carbotech pads and shoes. This winter I replaced the stock booster, MC and pedals with Wilwood pedals, MCs and new lines.


Took the car out on Saturday and it operated flawlessly.

In Topic: Chassis Setup (corner weights)

3 weeks ago

We made a mistake in positioning the fuel cell and moving the battery to the back. The fire bottle and Accusump got mounted in the passenger foot well which made a good off-set. We tossed the stock pedal assembly, booster and MC (20+ lbs there gone) and have a fuel filter, expansion tank, oil filter and oil cooler hoses mounted on the right side of the engine along with a 3 lb alternator.


I'm 5' 10" on a good day so the seat is up close to the steering wheel and the steering column and seat were moved closer to the tunnel then in a stock set-up.


The hard part then becomes the process of counter balancing with Step 1 the most difficult - getting everything level. Measure, turn the coil-over, roll the car, record the weights, repeat, repeat, repeat....

In Topic: Chassis Setup (corner weights)

3 weeks ago

1972 240Z vintage track car:


  • L series engine w/triples
  • ZX 5-spd
  • R180 w/Quaife
  • FG fenders, hood and hatch w/lexan, one piece valance, headlight covers, BSR airdam & spoiler
  • qtr windows and door SS frame
  • doors gutted
  • 3-qt accusump
  • 10 lb fire bottle
  • 16 gal fuel cell w/dual Holley pumps, twin filters
  • no rear sway bar
  • BBS 15x7F 15x10R wheels with Hoosiers (225F/275R)
  • driveshaft hoop
  • dual exhaust with trumpets
  • TTT RCAs
  • Stock LCAs
  • Z31 calipers w/vented rotors and drum rears
  • No booster
  • AZ Z oil pan and oil cooler (11 qts total)
  • AL dash with multiple gauges

total weight w/ 8 gals and 175 lb driver = 2300


FL 563  FR  563

RL 584  RR  590


F 49%    R  51%


Cross   50/50