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In Topic: Rare VG30 Race Parts (Pics)

A week ago

Back in the late '70s Preston took 12 or so 280Z 5-spds and turned them into straight cut, changeable transmissions using Hewland gears. I know were 3.5 are and would like to put my hands on one of the remaining units.

In Topic: Quarter Master 5.5 Clutch and Flywheel

A week ago

For the starter to engage? Yes, it's from an automatic.


Everything was ordered from QuarterMaster.

In Topic: Shops in MA

2 weeks ago

While it could be a main seal leak, I'd be looking for some other locations (front cover, or the pan itself) first. When your car is being driven the leaking oil could be migrating back towards the back of the engine and tranny.


Clean everything, then drive the car a few miles and check starting at the front.

In Topic: Question re: AZC billet shortened steering knuckles

2 weeks ago

Duragg - you happen to snap one? Seems I know someone else who did.

In Topic: New wheels and tires -pics

10 February 2017 - 07:52 PM

I too found that the Vs on the Toyo888s threw up way to much debris for my liking.