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Looking for someone to dyno tune in the Michigan area

22 March 2017 - 06:34 AM

I have a 76 280z with a stock l28et (intercooler, exhaust, 10psi, stock injectors) running on MS3. The Car starts and drives fine. I am not confident in my tuning abilities and would prefer someone with more experience check over base settings and tune.


I have been calling around locally and have not found anyone with a dyno willing to tune it. Its seems most tuners in this area are only wanting to tune later model, and American cars.


If anyone knows of someone locally that would be willing to dyno tune/street tune my car or at least visually verify that i am not going to blow up my car, I would appreciate the lead.


I am located in the Detroit Metro area.



WTB l28et 82/83 distributor

11 January 2017 - 07:08 AM

WTB l28et 82/83 distributor, Shipped to 48033.



WTB 240z front and rear bumpers

06 April 2016 - 04:35 AM

Looking for 240z front and rear bumpers in good condition, shipped to Detroit MI, 48033.



Japan's Retro Car Kings video

30 April 2014 - 02:41 PM

Hope its not a repost

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ouhdGnH1QmA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

WTB twice pipes

19 January 2014 - 04:12 PM

Looking for twice pipes. Can be for factory or MSA headers. Located in Detroit.