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    I've figured it out, that I've never figured it out! At at least once a month I scratch my head and go WTH is that about. Best part ever is having adult children now. They look at her and go what's wrong with her! Makes me feel normal all these years I've scratched my hair out in utter confusion.
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    Glass pack is the problem. They will burn out with Turbo heat and aren't very good mufflers to begin with. You needs a tuned chamber muffler with a tuned chamber resonator. A chambered Magnaflow as a muffler is very good. You may want to add a second Magnaflow in the middle as a resonator. A couple of Magna Flow Ultra Flows are not going to cause a restriction. 3 " exhausts tend to drone worse than a 2.5" ( and 2.25 " ) Most guys make the mistake of not making the resonator big enough. Don't use a round resonator. Use an oval one. More area to absorb sound . Stealth is good... and lets you here things like DETONATION!! Very important on Turbo cars with no knock sensors. Make sure GF knows that you are making the extra effort for her. She will appreciate it. You may not be there yet, but..... a happy Wife makes a Happy Life. Applies to GF's as well. To a certain point... buy now we're discussing things that no man has ever truly figured out. Men's Brains vs Women's Brains
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    More progress, not much but something. Made a new bracket for the tension arm since the original bracket wouldnt fit my newly made frame rail. I started the downward bend to early and should had started it a little be later. I opted to make a whole new bracket in lieu of hacking up the stock one to make it work. Cut out a good chunk of rust on the fender well area. Made the support/stiffening plate for the frame rail. Not welded on yet, just snugly fitted for pics. Also made the mounting for the sway bar, kind of went over kill. I decided to have the bolt go through the entire frame. only thing left is wondering what I want to do for the tow hook mount...
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