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  1. You can use the search function on the NTSB database for accident summaries.. http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/query.asp
  2. How about... http://www.fastcarsinc.com/headers.htm Made for a 302/MGB swap...
  3. Not sure how the X15R relates to the 6L80/90E transmissions, but the problem swaping the latter is that the transmission controler module is inside the trans. I haven't seen any of the aftermarket trans controler companies find a way to override or replace it. On the other hand, Speartech now has harnesses for LS1/6L80E and LS7/6L90E installs with GM ECUs. EFI Live appears to have a speed density tune available if you needed to loose the MAF.
  4. As stated above, have a sit down chat with your instructor during your preflight. Something non-confrontational like, "How do I get to the point where you are just telling me instructions instead of showing me?" If you don't like the answer, you always have the option of finding another instructor. Also remember though, that base to final is the scary time for some instructors with low time students. I bet that every CFI out there has had at least one student fly base slow and a bit low and overshoot the final only to yank the yoke over and back to tighten the turn without regard to
  5. A ton of good garage ideas at: http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=7
  6. After six years living in Tokyo, my advice is.. Take money.. A LOT of it..
  7. Like these? http://www.santanainteriors.com/index1.htm
  8. These guys should be able to help with some info... http://www.chrfab.com/
  9. Per this article... http://www.automotiverebuilder.com/ar/eb040538.htm Depends on the year..... "GM says you shouldn't bore the cylinders on the '97-'98 blocks more than .004? and recommends not boring the '99 and later ones more than .010?, because the iron liners are pretty thin to start with and they're serrated on the outside, too, so there's not very much material left to bore out. " Definitive answer (along with 1000 opinions) could probably be found at LS1Tech.com
  10. A set of either of these maybe? http://www.aerocatch.com/automotive-home.html http://www.skybolt.com/
  11. As Airjockey indicated, if you do this, approach it from a hobby or educational standpoint, not a profit goal. A good , current, case in point a single engine Navion... 4000 hours of work, 190K invested.. Offered at 119K. http://www.aso.com/i.aso3/aircraft_view.jsp?aircraft_id=102967 If you look on the For Sale page of the Twin Navion link you had, most of the twins are offered for MUCH less.. http://twinnavion.com/forsale.htm Creating a group to purchase the plane & finance the restoration is a good idea, but a hard sell with those kind of financial numbers. You might a
  12. Contact http://www.navion.com/ & see if they're interested. If not, ask them how much it would cost to resurect & rebuild a rare aircraft that's been sitting for 20 years. Make sure you have the paramedics ready with O2 & a defibrillator, 'cause it's going to be a very BIG number...
  13. The Harrop TBS setup is currently about AU$5800 with the install kit another AU$1500. http://www.harrop.com.au/root_folder/harrop_manifolds/amfd7022-00.html Hocking also has a LS1 setup.. http://www.hockingracingshop.net/ Aussie $ is about 1.285 to the US$. Stack has a LS1 crossram for about US$3500. http://www.verycoolparts.com/Stack.htm Power Trip Performance vertical Stack system... http://www.ptperf.com/files/ls-pics.htm Kinsler LS1 setup is in the $5-6000 range, I believe. http://www.kinsler.com/NewProducts/PDF/GM_LS1_ManifoldLR.pdf Also appears Barry
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